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The Trump Experiment May Come to an Early Tipping Point


The Trump Experiment May Come to an Early Tipping Point

E.J. Dionne

President Trump’s astonishing and reckless accusation that he was wiretapped on orders from President Barack Obama should finally be the tipping point in how the country views him and his presidency.


Pull twelve elementary students from class for a day and submit the Trump clowns to a jury of their peers...


Read Red State and watch Hannity. The president isn't receiving a dent.


Mr. Dionne,

You may be correct that the Trump Presidency may collapse.

If, however, the Trump Presidency collapses as a result of the McCarthyist anti-Russian propaganda that you and the Democrat Party, are pushing, rather than collapsing as a result of it own inadequacies, this may be a pyrrhic victory. Here in Trumpland, fervor is building among Trump's supporters because they feel under siege. Meanwhile, the Democrat Party leadership is failing to build enthusiasm among progressives and the working class do their refusal to recognize the failures of their right leaning plutocrat friendly economic platform and their support for zero-tolerance for whistle blowers, universal surveillance, drone killing, crowd killing, sociopathic Special Operations massacres, and perpetual war.

The extreme right will, undoubtedly, find a more articulate, even tempered, and intelligent, representatives to push their agenda. These folk will be strongly supported by the enthusiastic Tea Party, Christian right, disenfranchised white base. For their part, the Democrats may be stupid enough to think that the solution to their electoral defeats will be solved by maintaining their right leaning platform, but selecting celebrity candidates like Oprah.


Of course he was wire tapped by the gov't, we are all wire tapped by the gov't. That's what the NSA does- record all of our phone calls, emails, etc.... If rump doesn't like it, the solution is simple, issue an executive order to shut down NSA data collection. Thank you, We The People! dumass mfkr.....


What is the "Democrat Party"?


"Republicans abandoned everything they said about accountability" LONG BEFORE "January 20".

Ever since Saint Ron's revolution more than three decades ago the GOP has been 100% about ALL OF THE AUTHORITY WITH NONE OF THE ACCOUNTABILITY.


How is this white base "disenfranchised"? They are ruining things and have been running things since Ronald Reagan - forcing the Democrats ever-rightward.

And I live in Trump country too (SW Pennsylvania) but there sure seems to be plenty of anti-Trump enthusiasm among "progressives" where I live.

The Democratic Party does need to move left, but we should be under no illusion that this leftward movement will not lead to some major defeats in the short term.

Clinton did win the popular vote by a substantial margin and it is only because of the suspicious razor thin margins in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that Trump won under the awful electoral college. But I still get apprehensive think about what might have happened had Trump lost those states and the election. Recall that he refused to state that he would respect an election result.


The Democrat Party is the other branch of the plutocrat friendly war mongering duopoly that constitute the political power structure in this country. Both the Republican and Democrat Party continue their hold on political power through anti-democratic means such as the corporate sell out of candidates to rich financiers, and undemocratic primary electoral processes. The Democrat Party was founded by the likes of Andrew Jackson - the 1st Democrat President. You may recall Andrew Jackson particular sociopathic zeal in massacring Native American men, women, children, and babies and in inflicting unconscionable torment upon the people of African decent that he enslaved. Democrat Presidents have upheld this tradition of committing crimes against humanity through acts that include:

  • Rounding up Japanese Americans, and Native Americans from Alaska, and putting them in concentration camps.
  • Targeting densely populated civilian cities with nuclear weapons.
  • Creation of the CIA are using it to target progressive activists.
    etc., etc., etc.,


Well, that's up to us, isn't it?

What's so sad to me about the "tipping point" is that it seems to be coming through personal rage rather than anyone realizing what a mess we've all gotten into. djt doesn't want to do this, and he's taking out his tantrum on us. That's what sad and sick.


Sorry for the confusion. I should have put 'disenfranchised' in quotation marks. I meant that this group self-identifies as disenfranchised.


The thing is that there would have been almost nothing he could have done about it. We would be having a much different conversation, and he would be a footnote. Instead the footnote has become the main text.


Oh, okay. You meant the Democratic Party. Got it.

There is no such thing as the "Democrat Party" and never has been, but changing the name to express your disrespect like a grammar school child yelling "Four eyes!" at the girl who has rejected his advances gives you solace. I understand.


There is no such thing as the "Democrat Party" and never has been, but changing the name to express your disrespect like a grammar school child yelling "Four eyes!" at the girl who has rejected his advances gives you solace. I understand.

On the contrary, in the entire history of the United States there has never been a major political party that is democratic regardless of how those in power misuse language to promote their propaganda.

Sure, freeopinions, feel free to use which ever misnomer you like to refer to your preferred branch of the plutocrat friendly war mongering duopoly. You are free to call shit the Gods' ambrosia, but that won't make it stink any less.

So, call your Party what you will, call torture 'enhanced interrogation', call the mass murder of civilians 'collateral damage'. I refuse to consent to the misuse of language by a repressive power structure regardless of the misrepresentations or ad-hominems that you, or other Party defenders, may hurl my way.


Any MSM pundits who after Tuesday nights address to Congress alluded to Trump acting 'Presidential' who still believe that bullshit after Trumps' Tweet implicating Obama in wiretapping his 'Tower', must apologize to the public for making such an unjustified assessment.

Their words implied a certain amount of respect should be shown to this man.

Clearly, they never had parents who taught them that 'Respect is something Earned, Not something Given.'


I "liked" your reply but just fyi when you write Democrat instead of Democratic, in reference to the party, you lose a lot of people who would otherwise agree with your criticism. If you are pragmatic, I suggesrt that you use standard English and refer to it by its standard name "Democratic", then go ahead and berate them all you want (and I will happily pile on too).


I kind of wonder if this whole wiretapping claim by Trump, isn't showing that his mental health isn't deteriorating further to extreme paranoia. He obviously believes it's true when there's no evidence. If so, hallucinations will start if he isn't already getting them.


I know, E.J., but we've been here so many times before!--Trump's "tipping point" or "hitting bottom" there's always another level below that, or another point at which he may tip!--We've been hearing this from the press and observers all through Trump's campaign and now presidency, and it never happens!--At least, so far.


Thank you cicero_confused.

In this forum, I have generally assumed that people have a deeper critique of the undemocratic nature of the US power structure. You are, however, correct. These are challenging times in which progressives need to act strategically and build allies.


Impeachment couldn't happen any too soon.