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The Trump GOP Prescription for America: Don’t Get Sick


The Trump GOP Prescription for America: Don’t Get Sick

Michael Winship

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump still insists he’s going to Make America Great Again! Mind you, it won’t be a healthy or vigorous America — in fact, it will be coughing and wheezing to the grave, but boy, will it be great!


When I called Dr. Price recently I informed him that I was not convinced he was a physician at all because he took an oath to do no harm and his and the GOP health "care" will cause death and misery for millions of people. We need a healthcare plan that does not rob Peter to pay Paul. Those $200,00 and up class are the resentful class for the most part.

Our response needs to educate--tout suite!--our communities on single-payer healthcare. There are many avenues to doing so: Libraries, churches, synagogues , community centers, town halls, Here in Vermont the response from librarians willing to host The Healthcare Movie and speakers has been tremendous. Once people get just how just and equitable this system is and how much they will actually save they come on board.




" It is about cutting care for lower-income people, seniors, people with disabilities and kids to pay for the tax cut” and for bloating further the military and the wall.


Trump is still in salesman mode. "Wonderful new health care bill." I don't think he has another gear. He will never actually be a real president. He will be a president in title only. He can sell pretty much anything but has no ability to lead a country. However, he does have the ability to destroy a country and there seem to be plenty of loonies around who are willing to carry out his plans for destruction (Trump the salesman calls it shaking things up).


Watch Alan Grayson describing the Republican Healthcare Plan:


I visualize a President speaking to the American People, on a daily basis, until it becomes the Law of the Land, telling us that Health Care is a Human Right and that Sen. So and So and Congressman So and So don't think so, so you had better tell them that you know who they are and that you will instead vote for someone who DOES think so, if they do not agree.

The Bully Pulpit can be used for more than Lies that Hurt us, it can be used as a Tool to Help us.

Instead, we get a President who IS a Tool, and WON'T help us.


Whenever Trump says he will "fix" something, it never means he will repair it, it means he WILL "fix" it in an organized crime / corrupt politician sort of way.

"After receiving the President's word that these concerns would be addressed" is code for Trump assuring Aderholt that when the Alabama voters squak about losing insurance coverage Trump will have an endless list of contrived culprits to blame for the voters' losing coverage. Those voters will believe their divine POTUS and re-elect Aderholt.

Stockholm syndrome writ large.


The ACA was only around for a few years. We just go back to what we had. If Medicaid is ended, that's when we'll really see the death tolls rise, since the low-income elderly and the disabled rely on Medicaid for prescription coverage and most treatments.

Americans overall were quite firm in their decision that people are entitled only to what they, personally, can afford. Consider that over the last 20 years, since the Clinton administration ended actual welfare aid, the overall life expectancy of the US poor has fallen below that of every developed nation. It does seem silly to claim that health care is a human right, but not basic food and shelter.


How do Americans define "human rights?" The UN's UDHR lists food/water, shelter, and medical care as fundamental human rights -- even for the jobless poor. Obviously, the US disagrees, and ended actual welfare aid some 20 years ago.


Those who say healthcare is not, or cannot be a human right in the USA, often argue like this Warner Todd Huston today from brietbart.com, and state that because it involves the responsibility of others, it cannot be a human right. http://www.breitbart.com/sports/2017/03/20/mark-cuban-wants-constitution-changed-to-make-health-care-a-right/

"If health care became a right, it would require the labor of doctors, nurses, and other care providers. Therefore, we would essentially turn healthcare providers into slaves of the state, forcing them to care for people despite their personal desires and feelings on the matter. After all, if it is our right to get health care, how can any doctor refuse us? . . .

But, if healthcare became a right, your “right” would force others to make sure you stay healthy. Compelling others to do something violates the very idea of a right."

Just for fun, I rewrote that argument below and substituted "fire safety" for "healthcare", (and made the necessary edits for it to make sense.)

If fire safety became a right, it would require the labor of Firefighters, EMT's, and other emergency professionals. Therefore, we would eessentially turn Firefighters and EMT's into slaves of the state, forcing them to extinguish a fire for people despite their personal desires and feelings on the matter. After all, if it is our right to have our fires extinguished, how can any firefighter refuse us? . . .

But, if fire safety became a right, your “right” would force others, like firefighters, to make sure you stay safe from fires. Compelling others to do something violates the very idea of a right.



We do not need a wall that is for sure. The wall is just a smokescreen for Trump et al to make cheap land grabs with cheaper labor.


Whydid we have welfare in the first place? Yes, there were jobs that were outsourced mainly in the eighties and beyond. But.....let's remember that during the 1960s and 1970s welfare actually expanded, and some people actually had more kids so they could make more of a "salary." In other words people who had no income were having kids ( which is really who welfare was for) and getting paid by the taxpayers. This then extended to school breakfasts, lunches, and low or no income housing. I remember calling HUD back in the 1990s because I had heard a rumor that people on welfare could buy a house. I remember that the rep who answered the telephone started stuttering. Less than a decade later the housing market collapsed when people bought properties they could not afford, and Wall Street banksters profited off of that. It's a strange game all the way around.
As far as elderly people go especially those who worked a good part of their lives but now need help- that's a whole different story. It is reported that this involves mostly elderly woman who often were not paid nearly as much as their male counterparts during their working years.
So....how did the greatest generation do it? The greatest generation ( the one of my late parents) were known as a generation of planners and savers. They grew up during a crippling depression and then served in WW2. Yes, there were plenty of problems in the country as well, but this was a generation who generally lived within their means ( or less) if they were in the middle class, and were grateful for what they had instead of looking for more.


I actually pushed reply too soon. The greatest generation did not grow up with entitlements such as social security, unemployment , medicare, Medicaid, etc. Come to think of it- they did not have credit cards either- they bought what they could afford at the time. Come to think of it , For quite awhile I did not grow up with medicare or Medicaid as part of the system. And credit cards did not exist either. Oh, what a tangled web this country has woven,.