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The Trump Government Has Basically Kidnapped This 10-Year-Old Girl


The Trump Government Has Basically Kidnapped This 10-Year-Old Girl

Robert C. Koehler

On bureaucracy, humanity, and the necessary demand to #FreeRosa

The idea that a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, who has lived in the United States since she was three months old, could be illegal — that any human being, in his or her very existence, could be illegal — freezes my soul


There is a term for that…she was “gooned” by those “overzealous” mindless officers.


“‘They’ just hate us for our freedoms.”…


No, Robert, she is certainly not your enemy. The Racism of this Government is the real enemy!

Two days ago, on this forum, there was an article about the recent survey that showed what most of us already know: that a majority of Americans are feeling more stressful and uncertain these days, than at any time they can remember. Our regular resident trolls took umbrage at the very idea of this, one refering to people as “wimps”, and going on and on about how many millions died in WWII, which misses the point of the article!

World War II did not start as a full-blown phenomenon. The litany of Fascist horrors started small,
with actions very similar to the ones being taken against Rosa Maria and her family. The first category of people to be “eliminated” were not Jews. They were the physically and/or mentally disabled. History has proven that Fascism is like a cancer. It starts small, spreading gradually at first, and eventually metastasizes exponentially.


thank you! thank you! thank you, robert koehler for this most important post. i’ve made the call and the good news is the line is so busy i had to leave a recorded message. i did leave my name and # in case my message is not clear enough. gee, i didn’t know all the details of how this child was hounded from the moment her ambulance arrived at the falfurrius check point and on to their unwarranted, intimidating behavior in the hospital. i hope i didn’t break any rules but i copied bob’s entire essay to post on another forum (excerpt below). i’ll continue passing the word! the discussion i chose was a political one where the author hopes we can change the dnc. haven’t had any response yet–the “kids” are too busy gossiping about the “popular kids” but i will not give up!

over and over we hear how the dnc “cares about the issues most important to the people” then once in office we hear excuses like “this is not the time,” “single payer is off the table” or the republicans refuse to listen," maybe it’s about time time we_the_people learn our lesson–we don’t need misleaders! democracy rightfully belongs in the hands of the people! now, here’s something we can do. please read this and make the call!


Basically, it’s kidnapping.


and don’t forget that capitalism goes hand-in-hand with fascism. there can be no such thing as a democracy of dollars!


There are other ways to protect someone in this situation. The family could have arranged guardianship for Rosa with their family member. Also, a Compassionate Visa or this:



In the case of undocumented people, and without a mentor, they probably don’t know or even have any access to these options. Also, I suspect that ICE was pretty aggressive and intimidating. From what I’ve seen, that is their M.O. USA=Cruelty!


I hope the Border Patrol is charged and tried and convicted with kidnapping. And that the family sues them personally for everything they’ve got.


You might be right, it sounds like they were stuck in the middle but someone should have advised them. Any discharge planner at a hospital and other agencies. It sounds like she had a pretty good level of support and needed medical care. I think the real problem was that she did not have a legal guardian with her which doesn’t leave much choice. Most anything would have been better than what happened. I don’t think people realize this happens to people with disabilities more than you would think, minus the the whole immigration stuff.


Who could we legally charge with a crime in this case?
In actuality, only the mother is mentioned, so only she broke the laws, multiples.
There are no restrictions based upon morality or lack there of in our Federal Constitution, only those of laws and regulations and none of those but one mention fair, and that has to do with value of property.
No mention of fairness of laws, no standards other than that they wil be forceably enforced.
The kidnapping and seperations of a child from its parents by the State, citizenship be damned, is a widely practiced and much approved law of the land
For the child’s protection or more for the protection of the States Right to do so?
Fairness o moral obligations from child’s relatives are shunted aside by officials, and let’s be honest in so many instances by the relatives themselvez.
IN many cases relatives must be paid and the child’s needs picked up by the state as child will be ward of state until adulthood.
A new liberal darling cause that has more to do with political gain than true care for plight of child.
Do remember please that plight of a Cuban child, who drifted to our shores only to be forcefully ripped from American civilian relatubes arms by black body armored MP 5 full auto toting Federal storm troopers, and then remember the lack of outrage against a lesbian feminist Attorney General and her Clitonistas bosses.
Those “officers” of Imigration authority do not represent American populace they represent the same mentality of those WWII NAZI who just followed the orders.
No more compassion than a military lack of individuality who is IN service to the state, before their identity towards American ideals they tell us we are so hated for by black and brown skinned peoples.


That is actually part of the problem, there is so much liability that they probably did follow the protocol and didn’t have any other choice than to do what they did. I worked with adults and had issues with hospitals not wanting to provide services mostly because there were not clear policies. The adults were profoundly disabled but did not have a conservator so they were their own person with assigned rights for things like medical care. Rosa is a minor and cannot give consent so someone has to do that for her. It doesn’t have to be this way and maybe some much needed changes will come of this. Plus it might be different in Texas, a lot of things are.



Rosa doesn’t pose a threat (although there were alternatives that should have been used to protect her and others) but she also needs protection from those that would exploit her. Being undocumented carries a lot of risks and few protections. The work of this is just starting guess we will hear more about it. Glad she is out of detention…ugh.