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The Trump Infrastructure Plan Won’t Bridge the Nation’s Job Gap


The Trump Infrastructure Plan Won’t Bridge the Nation’s Job Gap

Isaiah Poole

President Trump on Tuesday night is expected to make what he told a meeting of governors on Monday would be “a big statement” on infrastructure spending. Democrats who have been fighting Trump fiercely on virtually every other issue have been eagerly awaiting an infrastructure plan from Trump they can sign on to, because they hear in Trump’s rhetoric their own calls to put people to work fixing the nation’s decaying roads, bridges and other public assets.


Be extra wary of "Lexus Lanes" highway widening projects.
Privatization and toll lanes are likely projects,
especially with monitored roadway sensors.
Ports and pipelines to construct; coal, oil, gas shipping,
especially in the still verdant Pacific Northwest.
The safe DAPL route is NEVER beneath any lake.
Racism in high places.


Wait a minute. For the last year I've been told by pundits across the media that the economy is good and that we're very nearly at full employment. But now there's a "Job Gap"? The truth is that the economy has barely been keeping up with birth rates, adding only a few thousand jobs more than new workers enter the workforce each year. Meanwhile there are over 90 million folks who have given up even looking for a job. The "Job Gap" has existed and gotten worse throughout Obama's presidency. Everyone in the middle of the country knew this, of course. Which is why Donald Trump is now the President.


Considering how many family wage jobs Trump is chasing out of the US with his deportation frenzy and other right wing extremism, the job gap will continue to increase.

Anybody serious about closing the job gap would first make sure that existing family wage jobs are sustained, a much easier task than creating new jobs that will likely pay less. If you consider the job echo impact of the lost jobs, Trump will need to create at least ten new jobs for each job he chases abroad, just to keep the job gap where its at.


and which is why Twitler and the republicans will essentially do jack shit.


No infrastructure bill. No help for training programs either. The industry is suffering from lack of skilled trades workers, but with unions and training programs destroyed, the good jobs that are there already go unfilled. There soon won't be anyone left who knows how to rebuild the system. The last skilled workers left will keep voting Republican until their trades finally die.


In the same breathe he vows to cut taxes for the 1% and their corporations, Trump tells us that he will launch the "biggest infrastructure program since Eisenhower's interstate highway project".

Trump fails to mention that the 1% and their corporations paid higher taxes under Eisenhower than they do today, and MUCH higher taxes than they will when Trump and the GOP further cut their taxes.


Economist Richard Wolff recently provided a litmus test for the concept of putting America to work, in that FDR made the US Government serve as the Employer, when he put the Nation to work building National Parks, Dams, etc.
Wolff pointed out that if the Private Sector was to be included, as Employer, in any such large undertaking, it would signal that the purported goal is not being served..


It's almost ironic that corporate entities were behind the scene probably happy to pay the higher taxes knowing a transportation dependency was built into the Interstate system. They were building car-dependency like a captive market, like a transportation monopoly. Bankers gladly finance suburban sprawl knowing they'd also finance and insure as many as 10 cars per house indefinitely.


Many characterized (and continue to) the interstate highway project as the gubmit/oil/auto cartel's scheme to put the railroads out of business, or at least to put railroads' passenger operations into rapid freefall..

Just as Hitler sold his proposed authobahn as "essential for defense", the US Military was the primary driver for getting Congress to approve the interstate highway project.