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The Trump Investigations Are Far From Over


The Trump Investigations Are Far From Over

Ed Kilgore

Politics, punditry and human nature being as they are, the late-Friday news that special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s final report has been transmitted to the Attorney General (and will be described in summary form to Congress very soon) has spurred a frenzy of speculation, and the first of many leaks (credible and otherwise).

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You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out! Bernie Sanders for President in 2020!



sigh----and while Nero’s circus is going on in the media , what nefarious laws are being created and what democratic ones are being replaced? Yes, I would like this to be resolved in a sane way-----but what wilderness, water and land is being lost while we view the circus---------and too, how many kids have we killed today ---- and why, why, why do so many think that only war can bring prosperity?



It only brings prosperity to the Industrial military complex that has been mostly privatized except for the poor ground soldiers.




Dateline, April 1, 2039

As news of the death of former President Donald Trump spreads across the nation the question on many minds is whether the Congressional investigations into his alleged collusion with Russia during his presidency will continue.

Chairman of the Special Committee on Investigation, Representative Adam Schiff, responded to this question saying, “What did you say, sonny?” After the question was repeated after Representative Schiff made sure his hearing aid was on, he said, “We already have plenty of evidence to indict him on collusion and impeach him.”

Schiff is one of many Democrats who insist that being out of office is not grounds for refusing to impeach. When it was pointed out to Rep. Schiff that Mr. Trump just died he said, “If he thinks he can escape the consequences of his treason by dying he is sorely mistaken.”

Rep. Schiff went on to insist that the committee just needs more time to investigate before it can conclude it’s duty and make recommendations to the full House on impeachment.

This is the song that doesn’t end…






This is the song that has an end…



Well, of course. It is natural enough that investigations continue. There’s enough to be investigated.

Who in Washington is going to bring legitimacy to such an investigation, however? Clearly it is not the current Democratic Party, which has sent Mueller on this obvious wild goose chase for two years largely as a distraction from the crimes and malfeasance within its own ranks that emerged in 2016.

This is mildly analogous to the refusal at Nuremberg to accuse and try Germans for the bombing and missile-killing of civilians in London in the Second World War. It is not that this was not recognized as criminal: the trouble was that the Allies had attacked and bombed civilians much more extensively themselves, and surely also because it was a method that they rightly judged that they were apt to use again.

None of this makes the Republicans innocent of anything, nor does it mean that they should not be investigated. It just means that the Democrats are incapable of carrying out the relevant investigations because they are themselves guilty of the same, for the most part, and with largely the same large business interests.

That’s why we keep seeing silly nonsense about Russians and nothing about the known and substantiated manipulation of the elections by domestic businesses and other foreign governments. The Democratic elect have found it more rewarding to participate in that corruption than to call it out.



Like those in the know continuing to offer cover for the rigged , fake NFL.