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The Trump Nightmare: How It Ends


The Trump Nightmare: How It Ends

Robert Kuttner

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I find the following scenario increasingly plausible. Let me begin by giving away the punch-line: When Robert Mueller’s report comes out, the Republican leadership will quickly huddle, and tell Trump that he needs to resign or face impeachment.

Why is this prediction other than wishful thinking? For starters, Trump could not do a better job of alienating the Republicans in Congress, whom he needs to save his bacon, if it were his deliberate plan.


Robert Kuttner - good article, but I don’t think this resembles a ‘tragicomedy’ - it is extremely serious business - what has and is happening to the political USA.

In other words, whether Trump is disposed of or not, the USA as a political entity will still be in the same position - a democracy in name only, an international law breaker, a domestic shredder of your very own constitution, an empire thrashing out as runaway industrial capitalism and soulless mega-corporations rob everyone blind.

The middle class is a buffer between the working class who actually do things useful and necessary, and the elite, who are as alien as the bad guys in the series ‘Falling Skies’. And the middle class is disappearing - thank God - or the Fates - whatever.

At a guess - I’d say ‘Falling Skies’, or some version thereof - is our future, unless a third party can take over - a Green Party Bernie Sanders symbiont - and how likely is that ?


Agree. There isn’t much of a comedy in all this. And agree again, Trump or no Trump, the system didn’t change that much. To focus on Trump just means that you believe he is an aberration. He is not. He is a reflection of the system. And that is a topic worth focusing on.


Please, please, please - Trump cannot be impeached until the Dems take back Congress (if they can???). Pence would be a disaster without a Democratic majority to keep this right-wing religious zealot in check. Trump can accomplish very little. Pence will appear sane after the buffoon and have a much better chance of accomplishing the evil he represents.


Yes…rofo…we’re between a rock and a very hard place…I’d like to see Mueller throw the whole cursed administration out along with lyin’ ryan and his “family” as ryan himself calls it. I’ve run over a pence-presidency scenario in my mind…He’s a koch-heritage foundation fungus that can do a very nasty number on our democracy if given even a fraction of a chance. We need for Mueller to do a real clean sweep of these traitors…and dump all the trumptrash once and for all.


Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio tells us that whoever Mueller “sweeps” will be immediately pardoned by Trump.

If Trump is banished, Pence, McConnell and Ryan will become even more effective evils than they already are and will probably carry on the pardoning fest.


As head of the transition team, Pence is up to his neck in the Mike Flynn, Russian-sanction-reduction promise scandal. He’ll also never survive the Mueller report.


Then we get Paul Ryan. Choose your poison


Maybe you would like a nuclear war instead?


My poison is anyone, reasonably sane, which Trump is not, with his finger on the big red button.


You people are counting on Trump not starting a nuclear war; blabbering and parading around the politics of the situation not realizing you are dealing with a loose cannon, totally crazy person who could end up destroying civilization because his daddy was the same kind of asshole he is.


Paul Ryan


Ryan may keep his finger off the nuclear button but it will be like nuclear winter here for all (including the environmen) but the corporations, Wall Street, bankers and the uber rich. Just a slower death.


Unfortunately I don’t see Dems taking back congress anytime soon. And even if they did I imagine that they would bend over backwards for many of the GOPs evils. They are known as republican lite for a reason.


I agree. Thus the question marks in my statement


Would the dems impeach now that Trump has swung their way? It wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out to be the dems who save his Presidency. I can already hear Pelosi, “maybe time is spent better looking to the future rather than to the past.”


And just what happens when his conservative, ultra patriotic and armed supporters, will not accept the Republican ultimatum to him?


Well that is what the military grade armed police are for I guess. Well after they are done killing minorities at least.


Funny how often they use that excuse. Then on the news shows blast “Bernie Bros” and third party supporters for the reason we have Trump. Being an establishment Democrat means not having to see your own flaws it seems. And the poster child of the party, Hillary, exemplifies that perfectly.


The democrats aren’t going to be any better than the republicans in regards to passing legislation that will help mainstream Americans.
This was clearly shown when they were in charge of the house, senate and the presidency for two years.
They could have passed single payer because they used reconciliation to pass it which only needed 50 votes to pass, just like the republicans are trying to do with their health care bill.
Instead they let the republicans water it down and take out the parts that people wanted.
During the debate on health care, they had the single payer advocates arrested. This should tell you all you need to know about how the democrats betray us.