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The Trump Nightmare: How It Ends

There are a couple of articles on Alternet that explain how Pence will be going down with Flynn, Manafort, and most of the Trump family.

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Which articles?

I partially agree; however, when you look at legislation backed and passed by Dems compared to the GOP, there’s no comparison. When given a choice of Pence checked by the Dems and Pence with a GOP congress there is no choice in IMHO. If you want an American Christian Taliban put Pence in office with a Republican controlled Congress.

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Mr. Kuttner is speculating on an unknown. Namely Mueller’s investigation. What will it reveal, whom will it indict? We don’t know, and I for one, will wait to see and read it before I start conjuring any hopeful scenarios.

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Another article brimming with conjecture.

If I were a Republican and I surveyed the political landscape, I’d be certain to note:

Low unemployment
Wages finally ticking upward
Stock market indices setting records
Trump’s white base of 35% still loyal and dependable on voting day
Zero hope for the Ds to take back any federal power in 2018
Not a single viable D candidate lined up for 2020
A D-Party civil war between ‘Hillbots’ and ‘Bernie-Bros’

And that’s when I’d do what they’ll be sure to do–stick it out with Trump and watch the Ds cower in the shadow of Reagan’s ghost like they have been since 1988. The Rs don’t need public approval, just an opponent whose loyalties to the plutocrats and oligarchs dovetails with their own. When given a choice between R and R-Lite, the voters have voted to not vote…and there’s your incredible streak of R wins.


Nearly all of the dems stood rights with repugs to pass the disgusting military appropriations bill. More $$ for war, none for what the people need or want. There is little difference between the parties.


Trump can issue NO Pardons in the State of New York districts where Mueller’s team is prosecuting. DT’s power to pardon only extends through the Federal courts. Tough luck, Repugni-Con jobs!

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What we the people and the dem party need to figure out is why voters keep putting these thugs into office. For real figure it out.

Obama hope and changed turned out to be a fiction and now he is taking Wall Street money at $400,000 a whack.

Incrementalism is not working, Clintonites are not working, neo liberal is not working or whatever tag has been created by the pundits.

Status quo is not working. Some grown ups in the dem party better figure this out.


I just read PCR’s piece. Wow! and Ouch!


Exactly. That is why all the talk lately about Single Payer–from Sanders, Kamala Harris, et al–is pure b.s. Just posturing to look “progressive” for 2020. When the party had a chance to pass Single Payer, they weren’t interested.

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This article makes me very nervous because I think the R’s are determined to pass the ACA repeal and it will be a horrible deal. There is so much bad stuff happening that it’s hard to know which ball to watch in the spirit of “keep your eye on the ball”. I think this article is a gross miscalculation.

I appreciate the optimism, but fear that Trump skate away like Chris Christie while underlings do jail time.

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The latest hilarity out of Hillary is as she states, “If Mueller proves the Trump Campaign colluded with the Russians to affect the election process, she wants a new election.”

I’d be the first to agree, on two conditions, We the People get to choose two “new” candidates, and We the People get to use Hand Counted Paper Ballots, nationwide, with no political parties involved in the count. Only random volunteers.


Yeah MCH,

I was a “Never Trump” and “Never Hillary” voter.

I’m so done with the Duopoly and it’s War before Peace ideology.

I am at home with the Green Party and will continue to support the locally, in state, and national elections.

If the mentality of the average American voter is always to must win at all costs, we are doomed as a nation.

If however, the average American voter actually “cares” about whether his vote is supporting a decades long system of government support of weapons proliferation, regime change, senseless murder of innocent men, women, and children all around the world, excessive income inequality and greedy lying politicians, just to name a few, then, perhaps there is hope for this country.

I’m getting old and cynical about mankind’s worthiness to continue breathing, so, I’m probably losing the optimism that has sustained me for many years.

It’s up to our young to create change that benefits us all. Many have been spoiled and are too materialistic to grasp the gravity of what’s at stake.

Many are actively engaged in bettering our world.

I hope I live to see this Empire crumble.


Until yesterday I would have disagreed. But a President who threatens to annihilate a country of 25 million people should not be allowed to continue in office.


I have been looking for the articles I was thinking of when I wrote that comment and I can’t find them anywhere – not even by just googling ‘articles about Pence’ – kinda makes me wonder if something is going to happen pretty soon and TPTB have decided ‘pastor pency’ is going to assume the presidency …

Mr. Kuttner underestimates the electoral damage and hard right blow-back impeachment would impose on the Republican party. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think the Republicans will impeach Trump before 2020.

I always try to confirm any information before posting it since trolls love to snag us for false or inaccurate statements and such. Sometimes we innocently misread something we barely scanned and then later we misremember it as our having read it somewhere too. No problem though. Thanks for following through on it with me.

Perhaps she was remembering:








or, maybe not…

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Very cool! I respect her voice and appreciate the clarifications provided by you which detail what she remembered if not where she read it. Thanks.