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The Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit: Why a Meeting Behind Closed Doors?


The Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit: Why a Meeting Behind Closed Doors?

Chiara Giaccari

This Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and United States President Donald Trump will meet in Helsinki. Nuclear weapons and the possible extension of the New START arms control treaty appear to be on the agenda. As these two nations possess 92% of the world’s entire nuclear arsenal, preventing a new arms race that will lead to Mutually Assured Destruction is imperative. How?


Couldn’t resist…


US became militarily even stronger because it became part of and helped create Nato. So, now, it spends over $ one trn on just the “defense” of Nato lands.

Imagine how much Nato would need to spend on offense? Say, $30 trns?

Meanwhile, Russia is spending less than $60 bn on its defense and offense and and no imaginary one like do the Nato lands.

So, Russia that stupid to give up its only feasible defense? Signing on a death warrant; brain-child by Trump?
Trump this naive to even think Russia to take of its protecting armour from one of the most murderous and treacherous countries ever.


I don’t even know why a US president would meet with Putin just after 12 Russian military officers were indicted for hacking the US election. Is there anything Russia will do that is not okay with Trump? The Republican Party will not draw a line on Trump’s action and Trump will not draw a line on Putin’s actions.


Are you sure they hacked the election? All 17 of the spy agencies first said no… but this has been going on for so long-------is there truth anywhere? Kennedy and the Kruschef person ( sp? ) solved it all without a room and on a phone line : ) Who needs a room?

" Behind closed doors," I suppose that with Trump leading the way as he always does) into the room, he will grab the doorknob first and then die of novichok door knob poisoning and then they can blame it all on Putin, and announce Pence as prez-----the deep state will keep novichoking until they get the totally controlled president… maybe that HUD guy. : )


A meeting behind closed doors Is a good idea, because maybe Trump will focus on trying to understand what is being said, instead of posturing and mugging for the cameras. That said, in January, 2018, the Trump administration announced that their policy is to make new, more “usable” nuclear weapons to use in case of conflict with Russia in eastern Europe. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jan/09/us-to-loosen-nuclear-weapons-policy-and-develop-more-usable-warheads

If Putin, who actually understands what a nuclear exchange would do to the world, can get Trump to back off on the U.S. plan to make a nuclear holocaust more likely, then the world will be in his debt forever.


This will not be a “Summit.”

Summit, indicates a work session.

There will not be any working involved.

Only plotting.


… as in mapping cemetery plots? Oh, how silly of me. Gardens, gardens, gardens.


Of course they said no. But, they were indicted which proves they did.


Right on. Trump and Putin meeting secretly is scary.


Hi Harper, I wasn’t really clear on what an indictment actually means—so I looked it up and it means that, for example with a grand jury, that someone has decided that there is enough stuff for a case to go forward and it’s a procedural step along the way, but a beginning step—but no one is guilty of anything because the case has not been proved. So, many people think an indictment means game over----it really means game has just begun and who know how it will end. : )


PLOTTING, oh LOL! : ) wonderful …


Not like the news will ever let this make known.


Chiara, Where was the outrage when Cheney and his sock puppet met “off the record” about 911. Why? Obviously to cover up the idiocy of the boob who exposed the plot by saying he saw the first plane hit the bldg. He couldn’t even get his scriopt correct. Can you say black op ? MSM is part of the cover. Go back to sleep America and we thank you for your service.


“The same could happen on Monday. What if, behind closed doors, Trumps accepts the annexation of Crimea?”

Putin denies Crimea was “annexed”. A referendum decided it wanted to remain with Russia.

Election meddling, Syria, Nukes, Peace, Perhaps the best we can hope for is that T and P agree to keep another profitable Cold War in place but not to let it turn hot.


Go back to sleep, don’t need to set an alarm, the nuclear bombs will suffice.


Ah, but who is “they”? I recall it is a list of individuals; none representing the Russian government.


Wouldn’t it be nice if Trump did accept the annexation of Crimea after a democratic vote by the people of Crimea who happen to be ethnically Russian, had been part of Russia until only about 60 years ago, and were responding to the coup in Kiev that kicked out a democratically elected president and that was filled with Nazis who hated Russians?

Maybe we could actually get to some peace.


They are not accused of hacking the election and you know that. They are accused of hacking the DNC and Podesta and giving to the public accurate information about the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

An indictment is not a conviction nor is it any evidence of anything. It’s a charge. There was no evidence released in the indictments.

But if all you assert is true, isn’t it even more incumbent on us to actually talk to our ‘enemies?’


Right. Everyone ever accused of anything by the powers that be is guilty! Why even bother with trials anymore?