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The Trump Tax Reform Helped the Billionaire Class—Not the Working Class

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/24/trump-tax-reform-helped-billionaire-class-not-working-class

Without seeming to be distracting from Sarah’s point about Tax breaks and Outsourcing and trade finagling, I’ve given more than a year trying to analyze the jobs creating DJT#45 boasts about as his great economy. What kind of jobs have increased to boast about? Black clad armed grocery store guards? All kinds of guards everywhere? Extra big police squads? On the tech side: Uber/Lyft drivers and Amazon delivery making traffic worse? Next are the jobs created that most concern me: Many construction jobs though skilled with a living wage are in some ways ‘make work’ that shouldn’t proceed especially in DOT planning agencies. Other respectable jobs in construction have been in Apartment Block “rental” properties, high-rise luxury hotel and condo. These are “landlord” investments with guaranteed return. They’re gathering places for millionaires to launder ill gotten gains. Even with subsidized housing the public makes up the difference to landlords and their jet set. Bezos did say Amazon could not last. What’s his plan for the rest of us? Oh wait, that’s right I’m sorry,
self-driving cars will fix evereetheeng. I can’t wait, so exciting!
Divest BMW/Daimler (crimes against humanity)

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Very disappointing that voices here get censored.
Very sad indeed… Good luck all.

Signing off on my last post.

First it was NPR, then Democracy Now, and now Common Dreams. Thanks to all of the paranoid readers who do not have open minds, nor hearts, here…

The discussion of the changes to the tax code proposed and implemented by Trump AND other Republicans can be clarified by the use of truthful terms. Let’s stop calling this “tax reform” and call it what it is: tax DISTORTION.