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The "Trump Virus"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/04/trump-virus

Cowed or blackmailed by Trussian forces. It was not just democratic emails that were gathered. With all the players world-wide that are under other powers, and to protect themselves, there is enough to completely make them stuck pigs. Sure there are some moderate push to stay on the “popular” side but really come on. Do you really think the Bushes could not have rid themselves of this pest in the primaries by just mocking him. Or just telling their group not to give him airtime and to not just shun him but to outright verbally evis the campaign.
Lindsey Graham, Jerry Falwell Junior, coercion not political greatness.

Yes !!!
They want a part of this vaccine to cover for their role in this travesty…(tragedy/horror/holo).

It is not for t-rump’s sake, it is to salvage the republican brand. (oh how I wish they had not announced the “vaccine” until later.) Similar to the “tear down the wall” fake that people still believe. After we had propped up the cold war profiteering.

We need a campaign of pictures and tv to help pin this where it belongs. Trumprussia.

I have a nice image here but cannot insert it. Any help.

The “Trump Virus,” or more commonly, the “Curse of Trump” which started even before he came to invest Washington DC with his hate for Obama, has infected all of our lives and some even more so because of their shared racist hate.

Weak minded individuals will always gravitate to false leaders due to shared human failings.

History will show that the “Curse of Trump” enabled by the inhuman, cowardly GOP, has brought this virus upon the people of our nation through their greed, their incompetence, and their need to maintain power.


I call it the “Trumpandemic”!

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The “cult of celebrity”, given a turbocharge by television, has been part of the US culture since its inception. Indeed, we have another, extremely large cult called American Exceptionalism and Innocence. Like a virus, it’s passed from generation to generation, linked to American Christianity, and it infects millions. In order to be considered worthy, you must become successful, no matter what it takes. Shank your best friend in order to gain prestige in your job. Pave over forests to build another mega-development. Become a celebrity and gain a large following who salivate over your every move.
Trumpism began in the early 70’s, when he y the interest of the showbiz media. His flashy lifestyle, his presumed business acumen, the beautiful women who flocked around him. We worshiped him and he expected it. Trump Tower, his greatest erection to that time, was actually mutton dressed as lamb, a slum in the making.
It was only a matter of time before Trump would be drawn into politics. After all, Reagan was a movie star when he was governor of California. Then he became president. Trump had to become The Great and Wonderful Ruler of All, with unthinking followers.
We have one hell of a de-programming job ahead of us. Time to roll up our sleeves and double down on all the relatives and friends who are infected with Trumpism. First step might be a dose of magic mushrooms to break the Matrix…Otherwise, just keep repeating facts, over and over, ignoring any negative responses. Maybe we might be able to deal with the cult of American Exceptionalism at the same time


Thank you for these astute observations. The cult of celebrity HAS indeed been turbocharged, as you say, by the arrival of “the vast wasteland” of television, especially commercial television.

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I could go along with the “Trump Virus” meme, but I think more fitting to encompass all of Trump’s tenure as President would be something like “I took my morning Trump today”, or “my stomach ache was really bad, I Trumped on the toilet half a day”.


Sure rudy is on the hook too for the whole you know what.

Thank you for the best laugh I had all day. In fact, I laughed so hard I Trumped in my undies…

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Your welcome. :)))

DT willingly gave himself “GOPID” - the Republican virus. As “presently” comprised, that party is acting as a de facto virus.

We did not invite COVID. “We” did invite “GOPID.”