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The Trump "Whistleblower" Situation Is Very Dangerous for Democracy (and for the Democrats)

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/23/trump-whistleblower-situation-very-dangerous-democracy-and-democrats


“”" Serious and Urgent “”" means a Pearl Harbor, 9/11 to me.
It does not permit anyone like the IG to sit on it for two weeks after the whistle blower provided to him before he sends to the director of national intelligence.

This sordid story gets grittier each day. Trump keeps it alive because it harms Joe Biden and not himself. In spite of articles calling for his impeachment as the wall street journal wrote that he is arm twisting Ukraine to reign in Hunter Biden.

Nancy and Schumer are gonna do nuttin. Suggest their financials are sordid too.


The Hunter Biden story is just breaking, and it will not be pretty. Finally the author gets around to saying it, albeit obliquely: Biden will do himself and the rest of us a favor to end his campaign. Period.

The author declares:

“To be clear, Trump’s central claim against Biden has no basis in fact and has been called into question by all serious commentators: there is no evidence that Biden’s used his office as Vice President to assist his son Hunter in the latter’s business dealings.”

Right. And there’s no basis in fact that HRC exchanged “favors” for her $600,000 speeches either. No basis in fact; not absolutely provable; not an obvious direct connection. It is all about the Benjamins and cronyism. Obama’s rich hedge fund speaking haul after finishing his presidency says one thing clearly to all in government: do the right things by us and you will be rewarded. Seems that Burisma may have had similar ideas when it hired the son of a vice president. Do continue to expect that all those who are depending upon Biden to keep us back in the stone age–commentators, journalists, MSM, congress members, retired former political stars and operatives–will all be in defensive mode. Biden will save them; they can’t afford to let him crash and burn.


I’m whistle-blowing the post office. Much of their management are incompetent. Former carriers who don’t have a clue what they are doing in charge of clerks, a different craft. They tolerate the reporting of fraudulent information, like scanning information. They break all kinds of rules, such as the way the cash is counted, but nothing happens. They ignore customer complaints and concerns as much as they can. Don’t wait for anything to change though.

The author uses these terms:

Influence peddling
Political insider trading
Misuse of power
Proximity to power
Well-connected Democrats
Conflict of interest
“Change we can believe in”

The first six have consistently acted to undermine the last one on my list. Corporate connections and friends in high places are precisely what Sanders and Warren are fighting against – it’s what Trump voters were duped into voting against and still think Trump is confronting.

And the author is correct – the time to impeach came and went while Nancy protected her Blue Dogs and public opinion polls mattered more to her than principle. Trump has outplayed the Democrats again, they aren’t as clever as a TV game show host and repeat grifter. ByeDone may not be guilty of a crime but he sure smells guilty of the first six terms on that list, meanwhile Trump skirts the law with impunity.

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. WTF?


Thank you for this.

Exactly. Two for-profit parties who want their elites to have exclusive access to getting rich on the backs of the rest of us. Especially those pols who have been around forever. This is what makes Bernie such a phenomena in my mind. It feels like the very last chance to make an effort to set the world right.

The other well-polling candidates are part of the capitalist game, defending markets at all costs, despite the obvious failures: homelessness, bankruptcies, food insecurity, unaffordable healthcare, poverty, addiction epidemics, suicides increasing, Mass shootings every day of the year, wealth inequality increasing exponentially. Despite the ecological crisis, they want us to believe in perpetual GROWTH–which will benefit only them.

You become who you hang out with, unless your principles hold fast. It seems rare that that quality resides in an old politicians.


Sanders is something of a phenomenon. For decades, he has been saying the same things, and while he is not the perfect candidate either, there is none who comes as close, certainly not Liz Warren, semi-reformed Republican Capitalist. If Warren is the candidate, we will become as disenchanted with her as we were with Obama, of that I am certain.

As for the last chance, I must sadly agree. Sanders is too old to run again; if he becomes president he will be in his eighties in his first term. The young women like AOC show promise, but are newcomers and have a long way to go before they can even make a run for the presidency. If we don’t get Sanders, we are doomed to continue moving toward the total oligarchy envisioned by both parties. A bit more slowly and deceptively if it’s Democratic Party oligarchy, but to the same end.

We don’t want good government after all, we want feel-good government.


Bernie/Tulsi ?


This is a crap article. But Trump, look at Trump.
The Biden angle is not new. It is nearly 2 years old. Biden used his position to get his crack head son a position paying 50k a month. His son Hunter had zero qualifications for the job.
Further Biden is on video admitting he pressured Ukraine authorities to fire the Prosecutor General who was investigating his son for corruption. Hell, he is bragging about it and the crowd laughs. This was the new Ukrainian leadership, put in place by the Clinton, Nuland, Biden led coup.


"We’re leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor’s not fired, you’re not getting the money,’” Biden said he told Ukrainian officials. “Well, son of a bitch, he got fired.”

You do not have to like Trump to see the crooked Democratic party calling the kettle black!


A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers wanted that prosecutor fired. He was deemed by many in the Ukraine – including reform-minded activists – as a corrupt tool of the oligarchs. Biden’s pressure was precisely what many people wanted. On the other hand, Hunter’s sweet job was nepotism.

This same prosecutor, Viktor Shokin was investigating Hunter Biden for corruption. I do not doubt that both sides of the Amerikan elite were attempting to protect their own.

Either way, Biden is corrupt, as is Trump. Although Trump has yet to succeed in overthrowing a government. Biden was VP when the administration overthrew Honduras, Ukraine, Libya…

My main point is that this story has been flipped to blame Trump for Biden misdeeds. Biden needs to go away and retire with the other criminals who make up the ex leaders of USA.


I’m not disputing ByeDone’s pulling strings for his son.
In general, that’s government in a nutshell. Unseemly. Corrupt.

But your assertions about Shokin run counter to most other accounts.
Ukrainian investigations of Burisma began before Hunter ByeDone was on their board.
In fact, the investigations of Burisma began before Shokin was chief prosecutor.
After Shokin took over as prosecutor the investigation of Burisma went nowhere.

Now, do I think Burisma is a fine corporate citizen?
Do I think Hunter is squeaky clean as a board member?
Do I trust Joe ByeDone?
No, no, and no.
However, sticking to the facts is important if you’re going to criticize Trump for not telling the truth.

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There is an excellent solution to Sander’s age issue and that is for Sanders to pick Tulsi Gabbard as his running mate. Comes with a built in life insurance policy as well as excellent vice presidential candidate!!!

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Sorry, but Gabbard is not my choice.

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