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The Trumpy Awards, Round Five: Worst Cabinet Member


The Trumpy Awards, Round Five: Worst Cabinet Member

Robert Weissman

In the early phases of the Trump administration, it was a macabrely amusing, if horribly depressing, parlor game to predict who would be the worst Cabinet nominee. One year into the administration, considering the same question, it’s just plain depressing.

With a president who has minimal and only passing familiarity with policy, Cabinet officials and their deputies are crucial in driving what the administration is actually doing. What the administration is actually doing – not just tweeting about – is truly horrific, far worse than most realize.


I’m not on twitter so I cannot vote, that being said I don’t think there is enough tar and feathers available for this admin.


No Twitter. I say all of the above. The lists that the cabinet came from were wet dreams of the capitalists(oligarchs). Mr Trump just did as he was told to put the worst toads imaginable in high places to do the damage. I feel this year will be worse than last, as the assault against our guaranteed benefits heats up. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Social safety nets for the poor etc. Just wait. They’ll claim entitlements, it’s really to pay for the tax scam.


The only test Trump appointees need to pass is their willingness to execute the agenda the GOP has been refining since the Powell Memo provided the agenda road map during the 1970s.

There is no “worst cabinet member”, they are all transferring wealth from the 99% to the 1% in an equally competent manner.