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The Trumpy Awards, Round Four: Worst Corporate Giveaway

The Trumpy Awards, Round Four: Worst Corporate Giveaway

Robert Weissman

Donald Trump has handed control of our government to giant corporations. The CEO class may find him to be a “buffoon,” but they’re happy with the favors he’s raining down on Big Business and quite happy to normalize his corporate extremist policies.

You’re talking about anti-democratic actions, corporate giveaways, and corruption, and asking people to vote on a global near-monopolistic corporate site that’s traded on the NY stock exchange? Having such a huge percent of our social democracy and national and international discourse on corporate sites is a contradiction that sooner or later will backfire (as it already has in some countries where access to corporate social media, funding sites or phone use has been restricted during times of unrest and revolution, or even just during times of government attacks on individuals or organizations (as when the US government targeted Wikileaks for releasing embarrassing truths, and Paypal collaborated with the attack by refusing to transmit payment).

We need alternatives.

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