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The Truth About the 9/11 'Truth Movement'


The Truth About the 9/11 'Truth Movement'

David Rovics

I found myself once again singing at an anti-war rally two weeks ago, and once again being confronted by a red-faced white man with an ominous hand-written sign reading, "9/11 was a lie."

Most of the crowd was filing off for the post-rally march, aside from a few of my loyal fans who were sticking around for the rest of my set. Among them was the red-faced man, apparently not a fan, who walked towards the small stage with the wild-eyed certainty of a zealot.


This is a very bad article by a person who has very obviously never studied the subject. It is "settled science" that the World Trade Center buildings were demolished with explosives on 9/11. The sooner "progressives" understand this the better.


Anybody who thinks Amy Goodman is a gatekeeper is nuts.

But as for truthers in general, I once read that on 9/11 you're either a conspiracy theorist or a coincidence theorist. There are facts supporting both sides.

I don't think the operation was planned and executed by the government, but I do think they knew of it and let it happen. The neo-cons were desperate for "new Pearl Harbor" and when one fell into their laps they weren't going to stop it from happening.

At least that's my take on it.


Actually, this is a crtically important article.
People who have studied the subject realize that the so-called "truth" movement is a fraud that functions much like a COINTELPRO operation to divert and divide genuine popular movements and discredit actual truth-tellers.
For a close look at the endless deception of the "truth" movement, see Debunking911 dot com. They write:
"Staking their fortunes almost solely on Internet-based content may have been the
9/11 deniers’ biggest mistake. What seems like a perfect place for pseudoscience — the Internet is un-edited, without fact-checkers or minimum publishing standards of any kind — also became a perfect place for a rapid-response system of blogs and forums to fight back. Drawing on the freely available technical information from the NIST, FEMA,
and academic journals which most colleges let their students access for free, skeptical sites like
ScrewLooseChange.blogspot.com and debunking911.com are able to defuse 9/11 denier claims as they arise... "


The truth movement of loose change and jonestown is a diversion. Israel and it’s supporters in the US were behind 9/11. They had the motives (to stop the construction of the Afghan pipeline and restart opium production) and the technology. Jones and the loose change crowd are simply there to divert attention away from the real perpetrators and blame it on the the “Illuminati”, “Globalists” etc.