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The Two Resistances to Trump


The Two Resistances to Trump

Robert Reich

It’s important to distinguish two lines of resistance to Trump:


At least there's a bit of a sign of the 2nd resistance, in the vocal abhorrence, led by Graham and McCain, for the cozying to Putin and denigrating our own intelligence community.


Graham and McCain are the exceptions in the Republican Party nationally. I would not count on the Republicans to fight tyranny. They began lying about global warming long before Trump did. The also lied about the ozone hole. The Republican Party for awhile now has abandoned the concept that it is important to search for the truth which is central to democracy. The burden of fighting against tyranny will have to be largely shouldered by Democrats and independents and the small group of Republicans who can be considered moderates. Most Republicans need the votes of people who have been fed a steady stream of lies for years by listening to talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh. Also, many Republicans will continue to back Trump because they blame liberal for destroying religious beliefs through public school education and higher education. Trump is an enemy of the public schools and academia so they are on his side. Religion probably has as much to do with his popularity as racism and xenophobia even though he himself is not religious. The liberals essentially won the culture war and now what we are seeing is counter attack to undo that victory. To most of Trump supporters what the left considers to be tyranny the right considers to be a safer country. However, I think Trump supporters are in the minority so what we have is a minority trying to oppose its will on the majority. In the end that should fail if the majority stands up for what it believes in.


This is one place where I find "many" and "most" true tyranny. Every voice counts, and I rely on the bend of the arc of history toward justice.


"Conservative Republicans have traditionally been vigilant against tyranny..."

Where do you get this? Conservatives ARE tyrants, and have always been so. Their only "vigilance" is against regulations that might affect the ability of white psychos and felons to get weapons of war.


And here I was hoping resistance to Trump #2 would be remaking the Democratic Party into a democratic political instrument that could actually win against the right...


All politicians care first about getting reelected and the virtually never cut off the coat tails they ride in on.


I have my peculiar attitudes and personal politics. These are often, but sometimes not, in tune with the general agenda of the "progressive" wing. I anticipate many arguments in many areas. My top concern is the environment, as warding off human-triggered ecological collapse is urgent and perhaps already impossible -- the anodyne term climate change grossly mischaracterizes the crisis and underrepresents its enormity. In this rather apocalyptic area of focus, and numerous others, discussion can go on and on. For the most part I know what I want, and will strongly advocate for adopting my preferred policies. Yet I'll allow room for some disagreement, and not fully or immediately condemn those whose perspective differs.

That said, the one aspect of Trump and putative Trumpism that merits total, unflinchingly vociferous condemnation and constant in-his-face resistance from EVERYONE is his obvious appeal to fascism and bigotry. This country has shown a prominent authoritarian streak through my long life, so I regard the fascistic drift as an ongoing trend now intensifying. By contrast, the US in recent generations has moved hearteningly toward repudiation of bigotry and prejudice against blacks, women (for surely misogyny is bigotry), immigrants, gays, other minority or nonconforming people. To undo this would be a sick sin. Not accepting, for even half a second, even the most passive acquiescence to such resurgent hatefulness should be a point of universal agreement.


It is hard to see how he can reverse the trend to more tolerance, especially given the large number of minorities in the US and its great diversity. This appears to be an attempt by a right wing fringe group with the aid of Putin and Assange to turn the US in the direction of an authoritarian state. They have cleverly exploited technology and the anger of rural white working class religious people to steal the election from the popular choice of the people, who in many cases may not have liked Hillary Clinton but thought she was well suited to be president in terms of experience an demeanor. While Trump appears not to have deserved to have been the winner, particularly since he was aided by a foreign power, a peaceful transition of government is needed. This is simply a disastrous situation that we need to try to get through keeping our country intact and still a democracy, even if it is far from perfect.


Unsure where Resistance to Trump's Criminality fits in among these two resistances (i.e. use of office to financially benefit himself, his family, and associates including cabinet appointees and all of this power backers in the swamp).


My comment on this topic was flagged, probably by bkswrites, who has a history of flagging. I've never flagged anyone, even the trolls, because I believe in open debate. Others who might have flagged my post are trolls hired by the DNC (bkswrites may be one of them) because I criticized their current leadership, and the Common Dreams website itself because I expressed dissatisfaction in the articles they've selected since the election. But most likely it was bkswrites.


Well maybe- but when it comes down to it, why will all bow down to the "king."


You've been sleeping. It's been an oligarchy for the past 20 years. It's just gotten worse.


Only if we let them.


Of course. It's probably not like another type of position that is constant.


And his favorite daughter whom he said he would date!


You are right every voice counts as long as people do not get too afraid.


A party that would allow to run a bigot towards anyone with a disability is one that needs to be stamped out.


In this case, since the voices in question are our elected representatives (please, no scolding about the difference for Senators), it's up to us to give them backbones. Fear has no place in the US government.


Yes, and now the weapons will be automated - watched a special about this- weapons including drones and a submarine that will be able to spy on and dismantle signals of other weaponry of enemies. Weapons designed to be able to run by themselves without the help of humans watch out they may turn against us used by the elites.