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'The Type of Statement Authoritarians Make': Trump Claims He Has 'Absolute Right' to Do What He Wants With Justice Department


'The Type of Statement Authoritarians Make': Trump Claims He Has 'Absolute Right' to Do What He Wants With Justice Department

Common Dreams staff

"Trump said this as if the rule of the law and the Constitution did not exist."


Grab 'im by his tax returns! I expect we’ll find he’s been laundering money for the Russian kleptocracy—I mean, who goes bankrupt owning a casino??


Somebody needs to show “The Apprentice” who the boss is and put him in his place, which seemingly is a well padded room.


And, We the People, have the “Absolute Right” to do with “You” mr. so-called president, as we see fit.

Cocky Bastard.


The ideology of fascism is predictable. The Patriot Act and the NDAA are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution leading us goosestep by goosestep closer to the abyss that is fascism.



Trump gets more dangerous every day he remains in office! We the people of the US, must put a stop to this Amerikan, fascism before it is too late!


Looks like Trump believes Bush was correct. That the Constitution is toilet paper!


One thing I’ve forever been CONfused about is this…The Constitution is supposed to be “The Supreme Law” of the land guiding the republic. If that’s the case (pun intended) how can some chickenshit attorney like John Yoo, John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales, (who not only suspended various parts of the Bill of Rights but also suspended Habeus Corpus and legally justified torture in violation of both domestic and international law in the name of the bogus “War on Terror”), or any of a slew of Nixon’s “council” that legally justified such obviously unconstitutional law such as the prohibition of some drugs and created “The War on Drugs” (as everyone knows alcohol prohibition required a Constitutional Amendment as did it’s repeal) pass some knee jerk “Act” that violates said Constitution and the protections and rights it affords We the People?


Only way is to vote.


Republicans and especially Trump, view any regulation, legal or otherwise, as something to challenge and destroy for selfish gain at the expense of the American citizenry if they can.

  • Campaign finance (Citizens United)
  • Obama’s prerogative to name a Supreme Court justice
  • Emolument clause of the Constitution
  • Civil rights
  • Freedom of the press
  • Trillions of $'s for the rich
  • Independence of the Justice Department from the Presidency
  • Outright lying

Basically, the Trump philosophy is to push everything which restrains him to beyond acceptable or legal limits until challenged and shutdown, or settled out of court. Threaten legal action against those who resist. Threaten political action against those who resist. Berate. Lie. Falsify. Distract.


Of course I hope you are correct, but when one sees how destructive Trump has been in just one year one has to wonder how much havoc Trump will be able to create by 2018 and 2020?


Agree, but taking over Congress is the best thing to do at the moment. It’s imperative if we want to roll back the Paul Ryan agenda in terms of the budget and stop judicial nominees that are right wing conspiracy mongers.


The democratic process in the US has been and continuous to be violated courtesy of the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Both documents are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution and were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats(!). When applied fully (in case of national and/or international “emergency” which has to be declared by the president) the US Constitution will be a thing of the past and we the people will be subject to despotism of government.
NDAA, Clause 1021, gives the president of the United States the power to lock anyone up without due process…Think about that and its implications for a moment…


The Trumpster will invoke a national crisis if Mueller goes too far afield. And, he’s the sole arbiter of that little detail. He will invoke election and voter fraud if Democrats win one or both houses in 2018. That means more looking into his family’s business; which is now clearly, a Trump no-no. He’ll go to the mattresses if he loses the Republican nomination in 2020. That could mean prison time for some dear children. The lunatic fringe and their right wing King/ & Corporate friends and the police and security state will not relinquish control of the reins of power. ( Kelly is a crypto-fascist and an American Empire dead ender. A true believer in order and the MIC, among other things. He has powerful allies, too )
Not without losing the coming constitutional crises they are responsible for creating in the first place. And, truthfully, this soft coup didn’t start with The Don of Mafia Capitalism, POTUS Trump. But, it sure as hell has accelerated!!:wink:


more than 100,000 Americans have vowed to take to the streets across the U.S. if Trump fires Mueller.

But no one in the streets to fight the tax plan.


Because the Repugnants voted for it overwhelmingly
And the Dimcritters voted for it by attrition


500,000 took to the streets in Washington to protest the Iraq war. No effect.

We need non-violent, non-cooperation with the system and infrastructure which enables it.


You’re right. Although it may not be optimal in the longer term, in the short term it’s the first step.


Yes, it is now unadulterated fascism…


Read the piece about the Honduras election and what the resulting repression looks like. And, the international resistance taking place, too.
When the chickens come home to roost, why do they always look like angry eagles, on illegal steriods?
P.S. Doesn’t Hillary and Barack have a lot to answer for, here? And, the creeps in The Atlantic Council? I mean Obama being questioned by someone other than PoodleBoy II Prince Harry.