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The U.S. 12-Step Method to Conduct Regime Change


The U.S. 12-Step Method to Conduct Regime Change

Vijay Prashad

On September 15, 1970, U.S. President Richard Nixon and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger authorized the U.S. government to do everything possible to undermine the incoming government of the socialist president of Chile, Salvador Allende. Nixon and Kissinger, according to the notes kept by CIA Director Richard Helms, wanted to “make the economy scream” in Chile; they were “not concerned [about the] risks involved.” War was acceptable to them as long as Allende’s government was removed from power.

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The first US orchestrated regime change occurred 66 years ago when Eisenhower’s first POTUS action was authorizing the CIA to overthrow the democratically elected Iran government and install the puppet Shah who became the US’ surrogate there for the subsequent 26 plus years.

During the previous year the CIA kept trying to get POTUS Truman to authorize the coup but Truman kept refusing.



This article needs to be shared widely. Too few Americans know what the U.S> government does around the world. U.S. ELECTOIN INTERFERENCE is NOT a matter of a facebook posts campaign or publishing (true) speeches & emails of a political opponent. The U.S> has engaged in ASSASSINATIONS, COUPES, COVERT ACTIONS & INVASIONS. The pattern has been especially acute in Latin America==& VENEZUELA has been targeted since 1999 with the electon of Hugo Chavez. The hidous irony is that “election interference” has now “come home”–if “Russiagate” is to be believed. Persnoally, I think the MOST SERIOUS & “Effective” (as in OUTCOMES) Election Interference is HOMEGROWN by Repubicans:: every means of voter suppression–targeting the poor, Black, Latino & student voters with as many OBSTACLES TO VOTING as possible, closing/moving polling sites at the last minute, extreme Gerrymandering so that Democrats actualy WIN MORE votes but, GAIN FEWER seats & more.



Bernie Sanders’ recent mealy-mouthed anti-Maduro tweets are nothing short of a disgrace.

If that’s the best foreign policy advice he can get, I advise him not to run. Spinelessness is not cool.



Mind boggling. It was oil and money then, and money and oil now. Apparently someone knew what this country was going to stand for, long term.



Thank you, Vijay. Thank you, CD. Big difference from Mr. Feffer’s earlier article.

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yeah, I felt the same when I learned what Sanders said about Maduro. I guess Sanders has it right on in domestic issues but in terms of international politics, he sucks big time.