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The U.S. Constitution Demands the House Undertake a Trump Impeachment Inquiry


The U.S. Constitution Demands the House Undertake a Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Robert Reich

Donald Trump is causing a constitutional crisis with his blanket refusal to respond to any subpoenas.

So what happens now? An impeachment inquiry in the House won’t send him packing before election day 2020 because Senate Republicans won’t convict him of impeachment.

So the practical political question is whether a House impeachment inquiry helps send him packing after election day. That seems unlikely.

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Reich sez:
“(Chump)’s telling America that Congress is a subordinate branch of government rather than a co-equal branch. Forget separation of powers.”

Hell, Cheney said that almost 18 years ago, and “America” — and congressional Democrats™ — responded with a collective, “Meh.”


And the fact that Article I precedes Article II is, I am sure, entirely lost on Trump.

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Perhaps the Speaker of the House will eventually be convicted of non-impeachment for failing to lead her timid herd of castrated cats into at least beginning impeachment hearings, if not actually bringing Bills of Impeachment against Brett Kavanaugh and William Barr for lying to Congress and also against Donald J. Trump for several High Crimes and Misdemeanors, including Obstruction of Justice, viola­tions of the Emoluments Clause and Treason.  SFAIK, “impeachment” itself isn’t a crime, and no-one – not even Donald J. Trump – can be brought to trial on a charge of “impeachment”, nor can the Senate convict anyone of “impeachment”, which is the process whereby the House of Representatives is sup­posed to bring a person to trial in the Senate for the commission of “high crimes and misdemeanors” against the United States.

While I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Reich’s thesis, I do think he should have written " . . . because Senate Republicans [who fear reprisals by Trump’s base] won’t convict him of his several impeach­able offenses."


They wouldn’t even impeach King George!

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Could just Court Marshal Trump, Commander in Chief

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DEm Leadership is the problem. The Fascists have no real opposition because they are all taking bribes from the same corporations and people. The people who currently head the Democratic Party will never fix any of this. It’s not in their personal interest to fix anything. Whats in their personal interest is Status Quo. they are greedy, and they are cowards

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