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The U.S. Has Treated Poor Countries Like Shitholes for Decades

The U.S. Has Treated Poor Countries Like Shitholes for Decades

John Feffer
Trump's racist remarks are offensive. The brutal excesses of U.S. foreign policy are worse.
"If you think of a country as a civilized place, it’s very difficult to bomb it back to the Stone Age." (Photo: Afghanistan Pashtunistan / Flickr)
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THANK YOU! for stating what a lot of us already know.

/not just poor countries, I recall Nixon calling Trudeau “an asshole” and a “pompous egghead.”, and being shafted with lousy, useless
// Norway’s “food’s rather bland”? Never tried surströmming, eh? (Or eaten at Arby’s - physician, heal thyself.)

“Although the United States currently enjoys a booming stock market and low unemployment, Trump knows quite well the economic distress in much of the country.” It occurs to me that the rising stock market is an accurate measurement of a few wealthy people now with more money to gamble. It’s probably more important to know what corporations are receiving their investment: oil/gas/coal and related industry; steel pipe, wall and naval vessel, armament manufacturers, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, small arms and various WMD suppliers; luxury carmakers promoting delusional self-driving cars heralded by high-tech and purportedly leftwing mavens Google, Uber, Amazon. A rising stock market in that sense is a warning. Jobs in the WMD industry and military is a sure sign of colossal disaster ahead.


So true. A lot of companies now listed in the US are selling and or operating abroad quite a bit. And the stock is not all US owned.

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"Honestly, who cares about the verb tense!"
In meaning, the difference between HAS and WOULD HAVE is the modality, the attitude of the speaker concerning the likelihood of the event.
So HAVE asserts a situation existing, and WOULD HAVE indicates that some issue is likely to prevent it from happening or already has.

"It’s the adjective GOOD that matters most."
Well, in my opinion,
nothing he has said recently is anything but trash. Everything matters. But all of it needs to go in the trash.

Assessment: An article detailing how the US has made a shithole of other nations in the world, with a current President who is the epitome of a shit, and more of a shit than GW Bush had ever been. Almost stated is that the USA is design-concept to make shit and dump it on everyone of the 99% within reach.

Then the article ends. “What next” is left to the reader.