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The U.S. Helped Push Venezuela Into Chaos — and Trump’s Regime Change Policy Will Make Sure It Stays That Way


The U.S. Helped Push Venezuela Into Chaos — and Trump’s Regime Change Policy Will Make Sure It Stays That Way

Mark Weisbrot

Washington has been trying to topple Venezuela’s government for at least 17 years, but the Trump administration has taken a more openly aggressive tack than its predecessors. Last week, administration officials kicked their efforts into high gear by anointing their chosen successor to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Moros in advance of any coup d’etat.


Has AOC lost her voice regarding foreign affairs?


I am not free of the stink that “my government” rains down throughout the world by championing freedom for corporations rather than freedom for people. As a person I can therefore not be free. I cannot pledge allegiance to a rag that brings oppression to people wanting to be free. I cannot sing an anthem that pretends to represent freedom. No, I am trapped by a system designed to extract and exalt wealth rather than to embrace freedom of the people. Furthermore, I am trapped by my awareness of how things really are and my consciousness of my complicity by merely participating in the system into which I was born. For now I am free to think my own thoughts and for that I am supremely grateful. So glad I chose the red pill, though it is bitter and sticks in my throat until my dying breath.


I would like to point out the devious nature of the/any US congressional politician that serves powerful monied interests that as a matter of practice place themselves above and before any law, and that far too many have ‘normalized’ this condition.

It is supreme irony in the hall of mirrors bought and sold as governance, that wealth is essentially no longer a component in the national economy, but another language ‘class’ that shall, by tacit assertion of said players, never be translated into coherent meaning, but is used like a lithium grease to dissociate the REAL concerns of the people, of the modern “nation state”.

If a woman gains green card status, bares a child, that child, BY LAW is a US citizen. To the likes of Marco Rubio this constitutes a questionable “anchor baby”. I would assert that the likes of Marco Rubio constitute the REAL ‘anchor’ for a stunningly insidious invasion that goes in both directions:

1: Incoming - the bedding down of predatory corporate mining, agribusiness, labor abusers and land grabbers and their cohorts in consummating the f()~*#! over of both US and Venezuelan citizenry.

2: Outgoing: the sheer blatant gun running ‘with a cover story’ making Rubio and his ilk ‘anchor babies’ for the School of Americas, advised by its Bernaysian marketing advisors to ‘keep a low profile’ while the Trump machine gins up the BILLIONS OF $ WORTH OF support for a coup for the .001% .

In ALL cases, the native peoples are the first to be bludgeoned with this.
156 Fourth World Nations have suffered Genocide since 1945

Genocide has two phases: one, destruction of the national pattern of the oppressed group: the other, the imposition of the national pattern of the oppressor. This imposition, in turn, may be made upon the oppressed population, which is allowed to remain, or upon the territory alone, after removal of the population and the colonization of the area by the oppressor’s own nationals.

Genocide: its not just for Indigenous Peoples anymore. … anyone listening?


The economic model the USA has adopted, to a degree greater then any other nation, is one that rewards the Sociopath. Other peoples are seen as prey from and sources of more wealth and power and nothing else. This has nothing to do with Trump. He a product of that system.

The USA also bombed the water treatment plants in Iraq in Gulf War 1. They then enforced sanctions against that nation so that machinery used to treat water were deemed “dual use” could not be obtained as it claimed they could be used to develop WMDS. Food and medicine sanctions were also imposed. Prior to all of this the Pentagon published a document indicating how this should lead to hundreds of thousands of excess deaths with the conclusion that this would lead to a rebellion and help remove Saddam Hussein from power. Some 500000 children died as a consequence and one Madeline Albright claimed it was all worth it. All of these actions are considered war crimes when any other nation commits the same.

As this genocide did not lead to Saddam being removed from power the USA then invaded with its Military using as an excuse Saddam killing his own people.

Only sociopaths cana conceive of these things. Only the souless would deem the death of 500000 children worth it. When a Democrat or Republican claims Maduro and Socialism has ruined Venezuela and lead to these demonstrations they are knowingly telling a LIE. They both planned for this in conjunction. This was no different then destroying the food supply of the First nations peoples on the plains and then reacting with the Military so as to round up any of the tribes that resorted to violence in order to get food and secure them in ever smaller reservations.

Again this not a TRUMP thing. This is how Capitalism and Colonialism works. It is about oppression and stealing and the more ruthless the thug and the more he can steal the richer he gets. Just as in the USA where the Judicial system set up to protect the 1 percent , international bodies like the UN protect the powerful nations from the poorer using UN resolutions to dismember poorer nation states so the Colonial powers can steal their wealth.


When the time comes to topple America’s government, be prepared to aid you fellow fighters.

Freedom from the rise of Facsism will be your reward.


Donny wants to play with his tin soldiers.


I would disagree on one point only: he is an active participant, continuing Obama’s and his largest military obscenity in human history claiming ‘my-hands-are-clean’, sort of akin to being the head ‘active shooter’ by proxy. And boy oh boy do they love, excuse me, its another obscenity to use the word ‘love’ in this context - I mean ‘covet/crave’ Raytheon, the other major manufacturers of death, and their minions.


We are helplessly watching history as it unfolds. The tragedy that is Venezuela holds many lessons, most of which we have yet to identify, let alone gained insight enough to analyze the whys and wherefores. The author, a socialist of the failed old school, played no small part in urging socialism on Chavez. He is perhaps not the most able to pontificate at this point.

Of one thing I am sure: hunger and illness is not something you can put off. Last night, as I ate my meager dinner in the ‘food court’ of the International Terminal of Caracas airport, a young mother cradling a year old baby in her skinny arms approached me with pleading eyes. One arepa, a small meat pastry costs 9,500 Bs,. half of a month’s minimal wage. I did what little I could.

The neo-con, neo-libs within and without the U.S. (plus the neo-Nazi next door Brazilian president) are using food as a political tactical tool to throw out the current president Maduro. If successful, will the new regime then use the oil money wisely, and for the general good? Maduro is so hated that few would fight for him, but many generals will kill for oil dollars. Who will die then? I could cry.


“The fairness of the 2018 presidential election, which the opposition boycotted, is up for debate.”

It’s not quite as simple as that looks. As Weisbrot mentions later, the opposition might have won had they agreed on a single candidate. But the U.S. ordered them not to participate (Henri Falcon defied the empire and got 21% of the vote). It happened like this:

The opposition fought violently on the streets in 2017 demanding an early presidential election. The government acceded and set an April date. The opposition then complained that was too soon, so the government moved it four weeks later, to May. The opposition (under orders, it seems) declared a boycott, leading to a voter turnout of just 46%. But Maduro got more than 6 million votes, and the mechanics of Venezuela’s voting system are respected worldwide, including by the Carter Center.

BTW, there are actors other than Washington on the side of evil. For instance, Canada has acted as a U.S. stooge, lining up pliant OAS members in the so-called ‘Lima Group’ (a coalition of the willing, because they couldn’t win a vote at the OAS). Canada’s Liberal government, whose foreign policy has not appreciably changed from the arch-conservative Harper’s, also imposed sanctions.

Canada also prohibited Venezuelans living in Canada from voting at their consulates, a good indication of Canada’s commitment to democracy. Last fall, Venezuela’s vice-foreign minister couldn’t get a visa for a Canadian speaking tour; Canadians apparently didn’t need to hear the case for Maduro.


Thanks for your take on what Canada is doing re: Venezuela. One thing that needs to be added is that Canada has the largest mining companies on the planet throughout Latin America. Their interest in overthrowing Maduro has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with protecting the financial interests of Canadian mining companies. Just as in the USA, it’s all about extracting the wealth of other nations, then leaving them in ruins.