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The U.S. Is Flooding the World With Guns. Congress Can Stop That.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/22/us-flooding-world-guns-congress-can-stop

But the gunn is about freedom!! How are those poor peoples the world over going to be able to defend their freedom and Liberty unless they have guns? The US is so generous in fact they will land troops in any of these Countries to help make sure the right (Or is that white) Freedom loving peoples prevail!

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How is it that the American public can’t win against the NRA –
likely because the NRA is the CIA –

Same as the Drug War seems to be CIA –
and – yes – I’m guess that their aims are not the same as the public’s.

Looks like the CIA took over the NRA in the 1970’s when the liberals and
moderates in both parties still left in Congress began running investigations
of the CIA. See: Frank Church Senate Hearings