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The U.S. Is Recycling Its Big Lie About Iraq To Target Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/28/us-recycling-its-big-lie-about-iraq-target-iran


I hope you will never tire of reminding the American conscience
of JFK’s wish to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces. A good
place to start for world peace.
And thanks a thousand times for Blood on our Hands.

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If the sanctions are killing thousands of children, and likely thousands of adults too, that is certainly an act of war. Raising the level of war would not make it a new war, but it would be a major escalation of the existing war.

The reason so many in the US military and “foreign policy” establishment are inclined to believe Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons is that, if they were in the shoes of the Iranians, they would demand such a program be in place’ They all know that, unlike USA, Iran needs nuclear weapons to deter US escalation of the war.

Secondly, USA has been urging other nations (by its actions, in contradiction to its words) to obtain nuclear weapons, and encouraging revolution by radicals in nuclear armed nations. For example, in the Afghanistan War (which was primarily about regime change), al-Qaida and many Taliban were chased into Pakistan, so USA had an excuse to bomb that country. More significantly, USA and Israel jointly leaked that they had succeeded in developing a submarine launched nuclear missile system so Israel could threaten Iran. This was publicly leaked by USA and Israel in 2003 (as best I remember). Israel still puts submarines off the coast of Iran, protected by the US Navy. What is rarely reported is that this gave Israel the ability to carry out a nuclear false flag nuclear bombing against a US port city.

How do we know a false flag nuclear 9/11 is not one of the major goals of these wars, in order firmly establish USA as a totalitarian state under martial law?


gde, your critical look at the role 9/11 is playing for
a military ruled U.S. is given much substance from David
Ray Griffin’s, The New Peal Harbor, 2004. And it’s
scary. Thanks for your piece.

There is a foreign power that interferes openly in our politics that advocated for us to initiate a “war against terror”, lobbied hard for us to go to war against Iraq, pushed us with the “Assad must go” to arm and help terrorists destroy Syria, and is pushing us to smash Iran and its people. That is to mention just a few items on a long list of damage that foreign power has been and is doing to the U.S.

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It is scary. Even scarier is that, while these wars are not achieving almost any of their stated goals, they are also training US troops to wage war against the civilian population of USA. It was recently widely published that, for a recent period of about five years, US military training deaths were about twice US war deaths. This leads to the question: are these US war deaths actually training deaths, and is the US military training for war against its own people? The US military does train all its people to act as psychopaths when ordered, to obey orders that are clearly illegal under the Constitution they swear to uphold and defend, and to lie about many things (just not all things).

Two clear trends, plus one local anecdote, support the hypothesis the US military is training to enforce martial law against its own people. The first is all the laws, prosecutions, and courts that bypass the Bill of Rights. The second is the vast increase in killings by law enforcement officers within USA, which once (1990s) numbered around 200/year, but now number over 1000/year as police forces are increasingly infiltrated by blooded war veterans. The anecdote I remember, described in newspapers local to me, is about a young man who was killed (traffic accident, or perhaps murder) and that he would not be able to achieve his near term life goal of joining the Marines and kicking down doors and kicking ass inside.

I have not read Griffin’s book, just citations from his work. There is evidence to support the hypothesis the Oklahoma City bombing was deliberately allowed to happen with the FBI preventing the BATF from breaking up the plot before it came to fruition; many government employees avoided the bombing, and the bombing did produce federal legislation restrictive of civil liberties. One source for the OKC bombing is the book The Secret Life of Bill Clinton.

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Plus they are being trained by a military force that specializes in control by using terror and murder. Every citizen is now looked as an enemy combatant.