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The U.S. Is Stockpiling Nuclear Arms, and the Cost Is Astonishing


The U.S. Is Stockpiling Nuclear Arms, and the Cost Is Astonishing

Harry Blain

We're spending $1.2 trillion on weapons that invariably make the world a more dangerous place.


Nuclear weapons will destroy us and it will probably be our own arsenal sucking out the human efforts that could be applied to a more peaceful and sustainable human existence. What is needed is a “Manhattan Project” to better life on earth for all its inhabitants. Nothing less.


Perverted pentagonian cowards target completely innocent civilian families world-wide with atom bomb terrorism.

They brainwash the us with terrorist propaganda from the civilian morale management department at the same time.


Maybe Obama should have actually listened to Rev. Wright’s sermons?


This is the 2018 version of the $500 hammer. Now its a sack of hammers (all those advocating this tsunami of insanity) at the controls of the manufacture of more sacks of hammers.

Can you say ‘dumb as(s) a sack of hammers’?


I begin to look at the dynamics of Trump movement as ‘extreme’. On the face of it, at least in the multiple ‘silos’ of manifestation, the word ‘extreme’ is held at arms length as an empty adjective. But it is directly related to the threats / promises of a narcissist. Consequences to a narcissist are dissociated from chosen actions. The presumption being a safe degree of impunity which can be parlayed through any variety of other consequence potentials - sort of a presumptuous ’ bundling’ in the mode of Wall Street thieves. The two feed off each other’s mono-cultural methodologies in all spheres of activity.

So, the question is : how do we actively, ethically and effectively remove these demonstrably, clinically diseased individuals, so that their groups and their ‘think tanks’ (talk about a contradiction in terms!!) are clearly identified,corralled and removed from their predatory posts on the imprisonment construct to which they have been so assiduously dedicated ?