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The U.S. Military Should Take the Iraqi Parliament’s Advice and Leave

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/08/us-military-should-take-iraqi-parliaments-advice-and-leave

All of this started because a mercenary died. Chew on that.


The United States Military has no right to be in the Middle East interfering in the machinations of any sovereign nation’s business.



The Iraqi Parliament has not advised us to leave, they have told us we are not welcome in their home any longer. Their message is get out or else. Why do we feel we have a choice?

Make no mistake, this nation’s “leaders” arrogance coupled with the people’s complacency has brought us to this watershed moment. Iran has taken the high road to issue a warning as clear and as deadly serious as a cobra. They hold no ill will against our people, just our policies. BUT if we choose to ignore the warning all bets will be off. Bloodshed on an unprecedented scale will be an unnecessary consequence.

Since the 50’s we have cloaked our covetous policies and actions for middle east oil in lofty terms, sanctions, and military flexing. Our chickens have come home to roost. We are fighting for avarice, ego and power. They are fighting for their lives, autonomy, and dignity.

Even if we heed the warning there will be consequences for we are at the crossroads.

While we are the largest producers of oil, we are also far and away the biggest consumers using far more than we produce. We will have to make the changes that have been clear for decades and it will be far more expensive and painful than if we had begun when it was clear we should.

When we remove our presence from the Middle East as well as all the other allies we have alienated recently we will be deprived of our biggest cash crop, our most profitable export…war and all that comes with it. The military complex, the weapons, the “security” companies and forces…the whole ball of wax. The forced equivalent of turning our swords into ploughshares will be far more excruciating a process than if we had started following the folly of Korea, Vietnam or Iraq. I say this not out of disrespect to those who have sacrificed in service to our nation. BUT as one who has also done so and realized my sacrifice was squandered by those who rarely make the sacrifice themselves.

We’ve known for some time we need to make changes. It"s time.


Neither does England or France (nor China nor Germany nor Russia, for that matter).  This whole mess goes back to the ILLEGAL Sykes-Picot agreement divvying up the middle east between France & Eng­land after WWI, and it is high time that ALL the Blood Oil-Sucking “western” countries and their greedy Multi-National Korporations were booted out.


You just put down the entire MIC and the folly of war and end with this-
“ I say this not out of disrespect to those who have sacrificed in service to our nation, but as one who has also done so and realized my sacrifice was squandered by those who rarely make the sacrifice themselves”
So war is bad but the soldiers are good?

“So war is bad but the soldiers are good ?”.

Time to replay Buffy Sainte Marie’s 1960s song: UNIVERSAL SOLDIER for the answer.

Also recall one of the mantras of Viet Nam moratorium events a half century ago: WHAT IF THEY HAD A WAR AND NOBODY SHOWED UP ?


Iraq to US military: Make like a tree. Not a palm tree. The kind with leaves.

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So Quincy Institute. OK, whatever. In any event, the imperialists are not going to leave Iraq no matter how many sensible points you assemble.


“Trump and American policymakers can now act in the direct interests of the United States while also improving relations with Iraq, a key regional partner.”

The author lost me with the rational that Iraq wants to remain a “US partner”; especially after the US assassinated the Iran general in Iraq’s airport. Is she nuts? Iraq’s interests have never been served by US military intervention there. And now Iraq is the target of US blow back from Iran. And Iraq is supposed to just sit there waiting to be bombed into submission for being “partners” with the US?
.If the US doesn’t remove it’s troops from Iraq ASAP, Iraq will join Iran in getting the job done. Iraq has already asserted their right to their country’s sovereignty and politely demanded that US troops leave.

Just imagine the chess board rearrangement if Iraq and Iran join forces to rid the neighborhood of US troops…


Why do such sensible solutions seem to elude out stupid leadership, I mean both parties, a few exceptions notwithstanding? Get out of Syria, Iraq, other states in the region, and stop supporting the Saudi genocide of the Yemenis. So simple, yet entirely elusive at the same time.

I did not notice the nuances of Ms Sheline’s message. Why would Iraq continue to be cowed by the US presence if escape could be had by forming new alliances? It is a complicated region further complicated by US presence, and their ultimate goals of which are highly unclear of to me. Oil most likely.

We are now an occupation force. Never works.

And our oil is much more expensive to produce. Keeping the competition at war opens up other markets they are/were serving, and the prices go up.

But you are also right, WMD’s are where the real money is, and we have that market already.

As I have said before, we are actually the pivot point that the true axis of evil revolves around.

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The reason for the attack on Iraq, based on lies about “weapons of mass destruction” has NEVER been unclear. It was to overthrow the existing regime, which the US had installed, to steal the oil for US corporate interests, and for dominance in a strategic location that Iraq definitely is. And of course the ever present MIC that profits handsomely from any war anywhere on the planet. AKA war profiteers.

The chance for an alliance did not exist between Iraq and Iran until now. They are competitors/enemies on several levels. Until now. Now the US is an existential threat to both countries. They are compelled now to work with each other or be driven into the ground by the US at the point of guns, bombs, sanctions, etc.

The USA is an empire in decline. They will never make rational decisions like walking away from Iraq now, or abide by international law or norms. They don’t think they have to. The USA a is the indispensable and exceptional nation state. Like Rome, the USA is WAY over extended all over the world. And the people of the world are mad as hell and they aren’t going to take this bullshit anymore.


Great post, but I’m not sure I would say ‘far more’, but ‘more’ is accurate. Assuming https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.php?id=268&t=6 is a good source our ratio is production/consumption 20.5/17.73 = 1.156 so we do use about 16% more than we produce (this is not just oil, but includes other petroleum fluids). When I read ‘far more’, I was thinking we might be 50 to 100% over production.

Of course I’d like to see both numbers come down quite a bit with a serious move to renewable energy (some of the numbers above include biofuel which may be renewable but does have some issues with food crop competition).

Your point on advise vs demand is exactly what I was thinking - the headlines in much of the media said the Parliament voted ‘to expel’ US Military. How is that interpreted as a request? I’m afraid this is one of those headline problems - I only skimmed the article, but the word advice is not used and I kind of doubt the author would have used that word had she got to choose her own headline (as it really should be - I’m totally against editors deciding on headlines).

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