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The U.S. Needs COVID Relief and Renewable Energy, Not a Space Force

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/18/us-needs-covid-relief-and-renewable-energy-not-space-force

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The “war” budget has for some time been a large pipeline of money flow from the treasury to weapons manufactures, with very little of it flowing to troops on the ground, and never decreases, no matter the military position around the world. The new Space Force is yet another way to increase the size of that pipeline.


“The war budget never decreases” ?

Congress has serially approved war budgets HIGHER than what the Pentagon requests, all with zero discussion, making the world’s biggest corporate welfare program bigger with each passing year.

Meanwhile, “domestic programs” (programs benefiting the 99%) are endlessly discussed and debated in Congress before they land in the dustbin of history.


So even as the USA builds its “space force” they condemned Russia for launching what they called “a killer satellite” as an act of unwarranted aggression.


The Pentagon and the arms makers realized long ago how to make this happen. Distribute the jobs across a multiple of US States. Any Senator or Congress person who would vote against increased spending becomes a “job killer”. Even Bernie Sanders voted for more spending on the F 35 because some of it was built in Vermont.

This the same way Big Oil used the Government of Alberta, pillaging and polluting that province , demanding ever lower taxes and Royalties, and indicating if they do not get what they want they will stop investing.


I’m all for the covidiot’s idiotic ‘space force’ … as long as he is the first one deposited on Mars to see how life-friendly it is.

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Yeppers – excellent example of the pot calling the kettle black!

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But it’s not a job he can tackle alone. To make a successful flight and landing, he needs a stalwart crew. McConnell seems a good bet, along with Pelosi and Feinstien for “balance.” There are many other names of those who can provide needed services, Keeping the toilets clean, and pumping out the waste bins, etc… There is a huge list of government employees and electees that are desperately needed to man (and woman) that ship. Hell, we might have to build a whole fleet, but it might be worth it to get these drones to another lifeless, oxygen-less planet, to make it work. Something they now get for ineffective efforts to assuage our ills. That would be about the first tax I could agree upon. It would be for public benefit, and could act as an insecticide to cure the infestation of DC.

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OUTSTANDING COMMENT!!! Oops sorry, your comment made such perfect sense I couldn’t help shouting it from the rooftops!

In all seriousness, not only the mitchybrat, peloser and not-at-all-fine-stein it is my considered opinion that the space force wouldn’t be complete without katie-barr-the-brat and susan-can’t-do-sh!t collins. And of course you are right – there are enough DC suckers that nothing less than an entire fleet of drone-carriers would be necessary!

Now – have a glorious Christmas and stay safe.

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Thanks Wolfess! You, too!

It is a glorious thing indeed to start the day to the ‘sound’ of a howling wolf!