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The U.S. Should Fight COVID, Not Venezuela

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/07/us-should-fight-covid-not-venezuela


Try to explain all your bull shit to the crew of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt and see how it goes.

Given the siege warfare waged against Venezuela and the acute shortages there, as a country Venezuela and Maduro are doing better than the US in fighting Covid 19. That must really piss off the Trumpsters and the plutocrats who can’t wait to get their greedy insatiable hands on all that Venezuelan oil and gold too.

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Wow. I can’t believe the mindset of the author and the pure hatred of Trump. You are actually siding with a murdering dictator who has seized power and using foreign Cuban troops to put down his own people. I guess since Maduro is a socialist that makes it all ok. But, if he was a capitalist, you would consider him a horrible person? You do know he is murdering his own people and rigging elections to stay in power, right? And you think we should just allow that to happen? I guess you are one of those types that hears a woman getting beaten by her husband next door but doesn’t call the police because you don’t want to get involved. Well, thank god America isn’t run by cowards who look the other way while dictators and communist starve and murder their own people to stay in power. I am proud of my grandparents who made us the Arsenal of Democracy and I will never apologize for America keeping the world safe and free.

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Holy shit!

Not that we would get our hands on the gold and oil, but better us Than the Chinese and others that are building a federal reserve as big as the Americas. Venezuelans want the USA to come in. I know because I have home and business there. There is more gold in the ground in the area of Santa Elena in a 300 sq km area on the surface than there is in any country on earth. Thousands of times the size of our federal reserve which needs to grow. We need Venezuela and Venezuela needs us.

There are so many of us in America that are ignorant and can’t see past there hate through the smoke of the pot they smoke. We need to liberate Venezuela and buy there oil and there gold . We need them and more important the people need us. This is not a country where we are not wanted, this is country that would do anything to be the 51st state, I know because I use to call Venezuela home . By the way the capitol of Venezuela is MIAMI for those ignorant socialist that call themselves Americans.

The Venezuelan people support the presidency of Nicolas Maduro and a socialist government in their country. Which Venezuelans are you talking about? - not the Chavistas.