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The U.S.-Venezuela Aid Convoy Story Is Clearly Bogus, but No One Wants to Say It

The U.S.-Venezuela Aid Convoy Story Is Clearly Bogus, but No One Wants to Say It

Adam Johnson
No one actually thinks the same Donald Trump who kicked off his run for the White House by calling Mexicans rapists, and subsequently, as president, left Puerto Rico for dead after Hurricane Maria, cares at all about the Venezuelan poor.
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It time to set aside the illusion once and for all that the Mainstream Media in the USA is in way shape or form “The Free Press”.

These outlets are owned by the 1 percent , by the Corporations and act as salespeople for the message of the 1 percent. Since that one percent also owns the Government that MSM and the National security state work hand in glove to disseminate propaganda.

The reason that one percent has also formed the group NEWSGUARD is to ensure that the Public only has access to that propaganda and this the same reason for the “Russian Bot” hype being spread by the likes of Reich and the reason the MSM claims Wikileaks and alternative sources of information like Abby Martin or RT are all working for Russia.


While FAIR’s accuracy in reporting has a moral point of view;
putting a moral plea to the main stream media is something
a kin to looking to Lady Macbeth for the “milk of human kindness.”


Could this run-up to another war for oil be any more scripted, including the part where the US mainstream media takes dictation from bloodthirsty neocons?

“To save Venezuela, we had to destroy it.”


Since you mentioned Abby Martin, this just came out.

Oh and I agree with everything you wrote.



Thanks for sharing this extremely important video.


Great video and the point Ms Martin makes, that it basically the WHITE Colonial States that recognize Guaido makes it so very clear this IS just Colonialism. White supremacy and little more.


Johnson sez:
" What’s never considered is a reduction or cessation of U.S. involvement, be it CIA weapons running, wide-scale bombing campaigns, or the imposition of sanctions—all of which prolong a given conflict or simply make it more violent."

… and make it perpetually profitable.


“Doing something” has almost always been precipitated by the reality of already having done something that has created the supposed need to “do something”.

As for entreaties to the corpress, I fear Johnson isn’t merely pissing in the wind

He’s whizzing in the whirlwind.


Thank YOU Uncle Po and Abby: wow—America gets scarier by the minute. However, the news lackey from all the buggies keeps using the word SOCIALIST as if it’s the coming for the Devil. LOL but really America, if you want us to believe how caring and sincere you are----People are wondering why, if concern is so great about the made up stuff in Venezuela-----WHY is it America—that Puerto Rico has been neglected for so long? That is so ridiculous that it’s hard to believe anything that you say current government and media people. The world sees how you are treating Puerto Rico and so anything we see you speak or do is a lie. {possibly because you are failing in the ME, possibly you think this will be an easy kill and win in South America -----------I don’t think so.


Sometimes I forget how funny Atrios is:

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Crusade (noun): a medieval military expedition, one of a series made by Europeans to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries.

Militarize our humanitarian response like the Crusades did.

Petro-dollar wars? Maduro was selling oil in Yuan which is pegged to the US Dollar. It is still indirectly selling oil in US dollars, just via the Yuan.


Why are we not being called out on these acts of aggression by countries around the world? Just answered my own question. No country wants to get on our bad side. We are the planet’s bully.


Oh where is the so-called resistance? Where is the peace loving opposition party leaders and presidential candidates demanding that this be stopped immediately and exposing it for the pack of lies that it is? Oh, in that crowded field there is one with the courage to actually resist and one who is marginal - Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders. Frankly, for the all the loud resistance noise when it comes to actually standing up that resistance is just that - simply empty noise.

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White oligarchic supremacy. Hope you don’t mind the additional adjective. Love your posts.


He does care about their OIL

Ron Paul spoke out before anyone else did.

Trump is a pawn of a foreign country alright but it isn’t Russia.lol


Yes this is what happened in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.

W told us that Saddam was killing his own people and had to be stopped.

We showed the world how to really kill Iraqi’s with Shock and Awe.

We bombed their cities destroying their homes and Killing thousands of innocent civilians.

Making the Iraqis Homeless refuges was our way of showing the world how we help people.

Here we go again in Venezuela. We will show Maduro how to really starve his people not with the slow torture of sanctions but with bombs.


This is about VZ / OIL / Elliott Abrams / the phony Aid Convoy and your typical move is to immediately go off on your “Russian bots” tangent. Eff off.