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The U.S. ‘War on Terror’ Has Displaced 37 Million People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/27/us-war-terror-has-displaced-37-million-people

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Many, we hope, will agree on the bottom line: we must focus on the suffering of those forced by war to flee their homes.

The only way that will ever happen, in my view, is when Amerikan Empire is indicted as the #1 terrorist regime in the world!

Why was it suppressed that George W Bush used to be business partners with a Bin Laden?

Yes, one of OBLs half brothers. They were partners in an airline.

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Good point, zed. Suppressed, or never much investigated. It’s easily Googled, and one can read accounts from at least 10 sources of George Bush and his business ties with the bin Laden family, particularly Osama’s older brother, Salem. The accounts that I read tied them to a failed oil company, and Salem died in an airplane crash in 1998.
“Nothing to see here, just move along.”

I’m not saying Salem was a terrorist or in any way associated to his brother, I just think people should have been told about that connection.

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i would rather simply that we stopped doing all these things that displace this group or that as if we had the right to do whatever we want to whomever we want. Thats a serious problem.


The United States is not engaged in a “War on Terror”. As chief thug for the Jewish Rothschild-Bilderberg Cartel and its Zionist World Order, the United States …

Violently enforces the corporate policies of the Rothschild-Bilderberg Cartel, its Gentile-owned affiliates and the sociopathic delusions of the Cult-ural/pseudo-religious disease that spawned the idea of a “Chosen” master race and the fantasy of “Manifest Destiny” (nothing but a pseudo-Christian adaptation of the Jewish “Chosen” delusion).

For the same reason that the Bush family didn’t brag about the fact that the Saudi “Gestapo/SS” chief, Bandar bin Sultan, carried the nickname “Bandar Bush” because of his close friendship with the Bushs.

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And we need to keep in mind the exponential effect of these 37 millions over time. Think of the detrimental impact on their next generation, or the third. This is more like a strategic long term form of societal control.