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The U.S. Withdraws (Again) from the UN Human Rights Council

The U.S. Withdraws (Again) from the UN Human Rights Council

Richard Falk

Explicitly focusing on alleged anti-Israel bias the U.S. withdrew from further participation in the UN Human Rights Council until it reforms itself in accord with the liking of the Trump Administration. The only internationally credible basis for criticizing the HRC is its regrettable tendency to put some countries with the worst human rights records in leading roles, creating genuine issues of credibility and hypocrisy.

Unlike those paragons of human rights like Afghanistan, Angola, China, Cuba, the Congo, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. etc.

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tu quoque

The US lost its claim to being a champion of human rights when it dropped two nuclear weapons on a prostrate Japan in 1945.

Since then it has used the issue of human rights cynically as a pretext for plunder and for crushing grass-roots expressions of small-d democracy, as characterized by the anti-colonial movements in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

It seems everybody in the world understands this except for the propaganda-besotted US citizen.


One way to end extreme poverty worldwide:


In her fiery withdrawal speech she has the audacity to say that the first objective of the U.S. is “Improving the quality of Council membership.”

The removal certainly achieves that like a long walk on a short pier - perhaps the US rep can, in the mean time, ingest an intellectual emetic, make use of a rhetorical enema and hang upside down and try to learn at least something from the bats whose guano she sprays like an antique crop duster.

When it comes to human rights, there is one measure of that addresses all of the various factors: out migration (emigration). The higher the rate of out migration, the lower the “compliance” with UN human rights. Conversely, nations with high rates of immigration are higher in compliance with UN human rights. Why? Because millions of people are judging these countries with their feet.

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so Jack------ " there’s no time or energy left to focus on the countries that actually do violate human rights…" that would be most of them—and of course, America and Israel too.

When I noticed the wording of the above passage, I mentally shuddered. Why even bring it up if the practice should be the subject of utmost concern? It appears as if its significance is to be belittled or else mitigating factors might explain the placement of suspect countries in leading roles.

Anybody know Nikki Haley’s favorite restaurant? :sunglasses:

There are so many human right violations of Israel alone that it is difficult to find time for anyone else, like the US’s human rights violations.
It is really sad that you care about other people being hurt and ignore the mote in your own eye of how Israel hurts people.

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Jack if you opened your eyes instead of blaming everything on the palestinians, you would see what they do.
From the beginning when they 1st stole the land, with the help of the UN that was ordered by the US, England, France, and the Soviet Union to steal the land from the people there. And the reason that they wanted the jews to create an Israel was so they could get rid of the jews in their own country.
From the start the jews decided that the land belonged to them and not to the palestinians already living there. They came as thieves and they didn’t care.
When you steal something from someone, and they fight back, claiming they attacked you for stealing their land is not a decent nor moral claim. Yet that is exactly what Israel has been doing, stealing and then blaming the victim.
The US used that excuse that when stealing the natives land, that the natives fighting back were starting a war and thus justified their actions of genocide. That excuse was immoral at that time and Israel using the same excuse is acting immoral now.
Even by UN charter, the UN had no authority to take land from others and give it to someone else. It is against their own charter to do so. Yet that illegal act was accepted by Israel as an excuse to steal and kill those who opposed them.

You couldn’t help but be proud to watch Indian-American Nikki Haley stand up to the racists at the UN and call their hatred out for what it is. When members of the so called Human Rights Council include Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and China—you know this is just a political body and nothing else. Keep up the good work Nikki.