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The U.S. Would Be Better Off With Fewer Billionaires

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/25/us-would-be-better-fewer-billionaires

Is $XXX Billion enough? WTF? These “people” are sick, sick, sick. There can be no joy in their lives if they are obsessed by such numbers.

Gates has his GM crops. Musk has his 20,000 satellites project. Peter Thiel wants to persuade us a Palantir Big Brother is the answer to pandemics. These projects are too whacked out for society to permit one person to launch’em off. It seems fairly obvious how these guys think. They want to be recognized as hip to what’s current. On top of that they want to be recognized as forward thinking outstanding stewards of what’s current.

It’s harder to see with the crops, but not with the others. Each wants to be recognized as finding the offbeat answer. The weird thing is they’re incapable of seeing how really offbeat their projects are! How frivolous actually are these inflated fantasies. And harmful.

Whereas if you start dealing with big environmental problems (I mean if you really want a
challenge)…all of them together are analogous to one in particular, one which the billionaires shy away from. Fukishima. One million TONS of radioactive water. Equivalent to a train pulling 10,000 tanker cars. Yes, the more you find out about Fukishima the more you’re inclined not to want to learn anything further. No one deals with it, including Gates, Thiel, and Musk. Really, this problem is very much like all the Green New Deal’s challenges put together.

Offbeat brainchild gold plated solutions to these guys are really more important than finding a way to share the resources with everyone without disappearing them at the same time. It’s a media glory thing. I’m not sure if Keston Perry’s solution in “The ‘green’ new deal should not be a new imperial masterplan” is the perfect one. But he’s right regarding who gets the brunt of neoliberal globalization as it exists today.