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The Ugly Part of the $900 Billion Stimulus Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/24/ugly-part-900-billion-stimulus-bill

USA is the onion of ugly: peel back one rotten layer, only to find another. One more ugly part is retaining a president we all emphatically rejected for another 2 1/2 months, because “constitutional simon says” we’re obliged to suffer the insults and mutilations of a mad “lame duck” to throw your stimulus the heck out the friggin’ window, Jeffrey. Ugliness beneath ugliness, until you get to the preservation of white-supremacy at the rotten constitutional core of all our problems. Our system was designed by tyrants, to submit to tyranny, and you’re sounding a little pathetic, Jeffrey, earnestly searching for “the ugly part.”


The UGLY part, is that “our” leaders are coercing our most vulnerable neighbors into dying, infecting loved ones, and usurious indentured peonage with chronic illness & long-term organ failure (without healthcare, sick days or ANY say), and those of our creative class or DNC Liberals can admit, they’re making money hand-over-fist on portfolios, flipped real-estate… streaming Netflix while ~400K excess deaths resulted from our neoliberal kleptocratic duopoly.

It was ALL just Trump. Everything’s back to NORMAL, now! Fetch me my frigging BRUNCH, you BernieBro “essentials!”






This is really bothering me. If I were a public health officer like Santa Clara county’s Sara Cody, I’d be running clean out of patience with ordinary folks around right now. She keeps begging people, tears in her eyes, to stop the slaughter by staying the heck home this holiday season. But people prefer to hear what they want to hear, and they keep hopping on airplanes, et cetera, spreading the scourge.

Covid hospitalizations in USA, this Christmas Eve, are at 119.5K – on the verge of doubling our two previous peaks, at 60K. It’s ugly that some misleaders are so vile they’ll disperse deadly disinformation, but it’s also very ugly that regular US American folks are so careless, and vulnerable.



On a per capita basis and as a percentage of GDP the USA was one of the largest spenders on COVID relief in the world. The difference between the USA and those other high spending Countries is that the US Government funneled most of that relief to the already rich.

One of the lowest spenders was in fact Putin in Russia yet Russia fared far better seeing less job losses and less impact on their economy. The COVID relief they spent on was carefully targeted.

Russia spent 318$ per capita as compared to the USA at 7800$.
Canada spent 3600$ per capita, Germany 12000$ and Norway 2260$.

Among many of the Western Countries the ability to control the spread of the Virus lead directly to less money needing to be spent on relief.

Back to Russa versus the US. The GDP in Russia was hit for 10 percent loss due to COVID. The US shrunk 31 percent. Russia has the 4th most cases in the world but the majority of cases were contained in a couple of major cities. The US has the most cases in the world and it spread everywhere.

The reality is the US Government was more focused on protecting and enhancing the wealth of the 1 percent then any other country in the world and all of those trillions already spent were designed to do just that.


Funny, you should say that. Just had to run down to get a (FoodForLess/Kroger/Vitacost delivery, in Manhattan). Somehow, SUDDENLY, several of the folks I encountered WERE as well prepared as the 1099 App/ gig worker, I’ve gotten to know & trust. Folks, it’s NASTY! Please don’t fuck around, buying-into media Panglossism! Indoors: KF-94 or better, REAL eye PPE if in an enclosed space (elevator, car, or extended transit trip). We’re shopping ~5:45AM where possible: we’re LUCKY so far? Could avoid working sick or spreading it to coworkers. MOST of our media ignored victims do not have that luxury. Didactic rant OVER, sorry.


~https://khn.org/news/article/retiree-living-the-rv-dream-fights-12387-nightmare-lab-fee/ (uppity Rooski deplorable)


~https://mobile.twitter.com/BharatRamamurti/status/1306713487306035202 (be patient, pretty good)


The GOP will defend their tax cuts to the grave, and they have the big money donors that make sure they do this. They only talk about the federal budget in relation to cutting programs that the non-rich benefit from.

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