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The UK Equalities Commission's Labour Antisemitism Report Is the Real 'Political Interference'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/09/uk-equalities-commissions-labour-antisemitism-report-real-political-interference


Grateful for this article to shine more light - including to round out (counterpoint) what’s been in the The Guardian and other outlets I’ve seen.


Apparently, anyone who opposes capitalism or genocide will now be branded as anti-semitic.


"If Labour had an identifiable problem in relation to antisemitism complaints, according to the report, it seems to have occurred mostly in terms of the party being too hasty and aggressive in tackling allegations of antisemitism, in response to relentless criticism from the media and Jewish organisations, rather than being indulgent of it."

Jonathan Cook and his sources in the UK political milieu seem to be illustrating a trend identified here in U.S. professional and especially academic and media life as CANCEL CULTURE. Most regrettably it went ahead and canceled the viability of the candidacy of a rare candidate heading a major political party, Jeremy Corbyn, forced to resign as leader of the insurgent Labour Party in their race against the discredited Brexit-pushing Conservative UK Tories headed by the clearly Supremacist Boris Johnson. (Note: While Corbyn honored the electoral majority in pledging Labour Party support for implementing Brexit, he never withheld, time permitting, his own anti-Brexit analysis and views).

Weaponization of the charge of “anti-Semitism” is not uniquely or the property of Zionist Expansionist organizations or even of those Old School Green Line observing and 2-State Solution advocating groups. In the case of the political assassination of UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, the weaponization is clear and not clearly even libelous by U.S. Libel standards of publishing content that was produced with “malice aforethought or intended.” In the proper linguistic sense, supporters of Palestinian state-hood, autonomy and human rights within demarcated states such as the Kingdom of Jordan, the State of Israel and its Occupied Territories or the States of Lebanon and Syria are Semitic People. The charge of being a Self-hating Jew is easier to make than a charge of Self-Hating Palestinian or Self-Hating Arab or Self-Hating Anti-Semite due to the historical lack of state-hood for Jews as a permanent minority prior to the 1948 partition of Palestine and creation of the modern state of Israel.

Arabs have been the majority population even under Ottoman (Turkish) Islamic Caliphates and often the majority of the colonial expansionist forces of the Islamic Caliphates led by non-Arabs such as the Kurdish Saladin. Jews historically fought in Caliphate forces of conquest and supported Islamic campaigns against Christian Crusader invaders from beyond the Muddle East. Read biographies of such Judeo-Arabic leaders and contributors to human civilization as Maimonides (The Rabbi Moshe ben Maiymon and among the sages referred to as the RAMBAM) who was the personal physician and tutor of Judaic civil code to the Islamic Caliph of Kurdish ethnicity and language known to Anglos as Saladin or in Arabic Al Nasir Al Salah El Din Yusuph Ibn Ayyoub.

Yet the weaponization of the term anti-Semitic has been politically leveraged against anti-Zionist Jews (intra-communally modified as “Self-Hating Jews”) and against anyone who supports the policies of the State of Israel with blind loyalty.

See for example North American Christian Evangelicals of the distinct global community of Christian Evangelicals who are often looked askance at for their overt politicization of U.S. Christian Evangelicalism by international Christian Evangelical communities. See this revealing Mea Culpa and Public Confession by influential former leader of the Religious Right and Moral Majority the Rev Rob Schenck, who together with his similar minded-spirited identical twin brother the Rev Paul Schenck of Buffalo, NY describe the process in their 20’s 30’s 40’s and 50’s of being seduced in his idealistic youth by the circa-1980’s deliberate and political politicization cum Power Politics of the U.S. Christian Evangelical community on a recent BBC Hard Talk program discussing the concurrent U.S. Presidential support for Trump by such domestic and nationalistic Christian Evangelical organizations as the Reverend twin brothers Schenck now refute as paving the way to NAZI style Fascist culture in the U.S. :

So thank you to Jonathan Cook, Common Dreams and even to the Qatari Royal Family’s Al Jazeera broadcasting network for sourcing and airing the clarifying documentary on the weaponization of charges of anti-Semitism within the UK’s Labour Party and the political if not character assassination of former party leader and first-rate humanitarian political organizer (that is a rarity anywhere!) Jeremy Corbyn.

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Thanku for this.
You know I have met the guy on a quite a few occasions now, he is just a good, aware, non-egotistical person, thoroughly decent, without a shred, like me and my friends I believe, of racism in him. This should not be seen as saintly, but rather, as just a sign of Sanity!
I recommend sending this to him, or his team, for he may have to fight his way back into his beloved Labour party.
But we will make sure, he is not only completely exonerated, but also that we CHANGE THE MEDIA NARRATIVE FOR GOOD! As you have noted, even the Guardian - so good on our climate crisis, are hypnotised by this!
This is most Important (to forever change the media narrative for good, on this)
Thankyou once again!


The Israelistas plotted Corbyn’s character assassination

And he pulled his own trigger in appeasing them.


"The Israelistas plotted Corbyn’s character assassination
And he pulled his own trigger in appeasing them."

Half correct. The other half pure wishful thinking. Not a suicidal bone or risk factor (save death by Bibi-Putin arcane poison) in Corbyn’s ascetic bod. He is as good a man by his words and deeds as any on the UK political scene. Labour Party’s loss is his family and humanity’s gain. Although I would surmise that Corbyn even out of the Labour Party hierarchy will go down fighting the good fight representing first the UK’s Wage Slaves and Clock Punchers followed closely by, as the now rabidly Conservative state of Idaho birthed back in the Robber Baron days Wobblies (IWW) called for, the Workers of the World.

That has zilch to do with Marx who never punched a clock cuz his even more gifted writing partner Engels came from a family of successful business folk as was Freddy Engels himself, all through the time he shared Marx’s dream.

I do not mean to disparage the grueling work schedule of Karl, especially while he exiled himself from his German-speaking land and took up residence in the stacks of the London public libraries with his aristocratic wife and beloved 3 daughters, Z’l who met tragically young deaths.

Marx has many millions of hope and energy-filled working souls around the world that he has inspired to action, especially organization. All the many more wage enslaved and rights deprived Wage Slaves and Captives on the Planet of the Clock Punchers have been so under thrall to corporate-captured Weapons of Mass Distraction that they have not a single broadcast voice regularly scheduled or newspaper beat reporter on salary to give U.S. a voice.

So my energies are with folks who don’t have Das Kcapital to do their work for them.
I am with people who have only their hands, hearts and minds along with never enough hours in the days and nights, often with inflamed limbs and joints, digits and other extremities to earn their meager crusts of bread and a roof. Not even that in our wealthiest land in human history pocked with homeless encampments that since the end of the Cold War and no more appearances to keep up with the Commies so no more Hearts & Minds and our own non-Safety Net Protected internal population to propagandize and their Democratic Socialist rivals’ commitment to Public and Subsidized Housing that until recently was on full view. Still is in Finland, where institutional corruption has not yet overtaken the elected representatives’ privileging of the PUBLIC INTEREST in policy-making over the PRIVATE INTERESTS of UNFETTERED GLOBAL CAPITAL.

Now it is normalized homeless vets and social security protected masses yearning for a bathroom of their own… like the civilized Finns or Swedes or Norwegies or Brits or French or EU nation states or Canada. Although all of those named following the Finns are finding their own decades of AUSTERITY POLICIES due to idle cash hoarding off-shore in bank secrecy tax-avoiding\evading accounts that their homeless are piling up on the streets fully normalized now too…

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
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It is becoming clear to me that what happens nowadays, as illustrated here (not the first subject/issue where this pattern occurs,) is that a certain body a) works in fraudulent manner to introduce and cheer-lead a false narrative that will result in its short- and long-term political/financial/personal gain, b) sets government bodies and journalists out to disprove the false narrative, all the while continuing to hammer the messaging through venues that want the same political/financial/personal gains, then c) ignore the natural reconciliation process that should occur when the truth is revealed. By following this playbook, the perpetrators get all of the manipulative benefit of their propaganda and have to deal with none of the repercussions…because there are none. This goes on day in and day out, 24 hours a day on corporate media and in the halls of government. And it matters not which side of an argument employs these tactics on any given day. They will never be held to account because the other side has and will do the exact same thing when it suits them. All becomes hearsay while facts and provable history go down the memory hole. So, we end up with Guardian headlines giving the impression that anti-semitism was rampant and real in Corbyn’s Labour Party, even while the government’s own reporting proves the opposite, as outlined here. How can they get away with such lies and distortions? It is stunning. And a terrible omen for dark times ahead.

So, as much as I admire Mr. Cook and all good journalism, the paradigm must shift. And I don’t know what that should look like. We obviously need good reporting, as here. But what do we do when it falls on deaf ears? When cynical corporate actors in charge of our governments and media do not care about truth or reconciliation to begin with? When they have spent decades gas-lighting those of us that do wish for reconciliation into thinking that we’re chumps for wanting it?

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