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The Ukraine Shakedown Is Important, But Not Sufficient to Let People Realize All the Other Things Trump Is Doing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/12/ukraine-shakedown-important-not-sufficient-let-people-realize-all-other-things


WhosywhazitGate is to DISTRACT from Trump & Frends’ truly impeachable, criminal, totally unconstitutional crimes. If all of The Atlantic Council, CAP, DNC, etc. are waterboarded by our NeoConfederate Senate, with Ukrainian NeoNazi moderators, I still ain’t gonna miss Peaky Blinders or El Camino to watch?


"Then there are the lawless uses of armed force abroad anywhere Trump wants, regardless of the absence of congressional appropriations or declarations of war." (Ralph Nader - article)

We are seeing what the world looks like when the United Nations is marginalized and International Laws are breached with impunity. This began long before Trump - both parties ‘went under’. The invasion of Afghanistan was the ‘signal above noise’ moment, or, if one goes back further, Vietnam.

From there it is but a short step to all laws being treated as optional - one more step and laws are written which are meant only to provide the facade of legitimacy to a monster state. This third step is already underway, as institution after institution is castrated - their original purposes rendered null and void.


“The foregoing is to urge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to deliver a full hand of serious impeachable offenses to the Congress and the American people.”

Face it Ralph, you may as well urge Trump to embrace socialism and put forth a budget that includes medicare for all, a $20 minimum wage, free college for anyone who wants it, and open borders. The effect will about the same as urging Pelosi to do anything remotely challenging to the corporate rule status quo.

Pelosi is a Blue Dog Democrat. I don’t trust her for a moment to carry this through. Her policy goals are similar, if not identical, to Trump’s. What a shame that we cannot have just one opposition party.


He DOES “embrace Socialism”, however it is Socialism for the wealthy and corporations.

Democratic Socialism, which works for “We the People”, is the enemy of Dumbf, the u.s. government, and all of corporate america.


Superb article.
Trump, et al, will go to jail.

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You are correct: Pelosi and the blue dogs (cruelty to canines right there) are a huge part of the destruction wrought by injustice, classism, and militarism, and neoliberals demonstrate consistently irreconcilable differences with what the world needs to address inhumanity and ecocidal capitalistic foundations.

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Ralph Nader is correct, as he long has been, despite the hate campaign waged by the Democratic National Committe, the Sierra Club, and other pretenders to democracy in the 2000 presidential campaign. I trust he himself was somewhat nauseated in his plea to Pelosi (ugh! yuck! retch!), and senses yet another forthcoming betrayal – a neoliberal trademark and stock-in-trade deception for public consumption. I don’t eat that DNC-blue dogshit myself. Whatever deals Trump might have cut with Zelensky or the Ukraine mafia don’t even make the top 1000 of Trump’s true crimes, and Democrats and pseudo-“progressives” (ugh! yuck! retch!) hanging their hats on this distracting dalliance with delusional democracy will soon experience – won’t we all? – that no one escapes the decisions and actions of the ultimate arbiters in the physical and living universe. Ignore them at your own peril, stupid people.


Although I understand the motivation, calling crony capitalism “socialism” is ridiculous. Socialism is worker ownership and control of the means of production, insuring a fair distribution of wealth; it is not simply directing tax revenues to groups or individuals who are favorites of whomever happens to be in charge of government at any given time.

If we had a truly socialist system, there would be no billionaires and no need for them. We would not even be discussing confiscating their vast wealth to benefit society, because such such ridiculous amounts of wealth would never be accumulated in the first place.


Agreed. I used that because that seems to be the current most acceptable and recognized term.

I, by the way, did like your post overall…and ,again, agree.


really good link dump here.

the taibbi article is really useful for people to read because of the timeline Matt lays out going back to ground zero of the antagonism between Trump and the spooks and foreign policy apparatchiks.

He’s missing a few vital bits, like motive. It’s still unclear what the 4 horseman of the Spookocalypse are trying to gain from making that initial decision that they had to essentially blackmail Trump into playing ball.

But it’s far better than any case I’m seeing in the utterly useless liberal Democratic blogosphere which is hopelessly addled by the DNC laundromat of horse poop.


More news that the mainstream media isn’t reporting. Ukraine may well be the final nail in the Gangster’s coffin, and not a moment too soon. Impeach, indict, imprison, reenact what happened to Anne Boleyn for Trump and all his gang members. Do it on pay per view and pay off the national debt.

You’ve got me interested Peter @crucifixion-thorn

I was just reading an article in the latest Harpers Magazine on The Constitution, a forum actually, with five or so lawyers, legislators etc…

The idea was that the Constitution is old, from a different world really, and acts more like a straitjacket than was its intended use. Windows 1.0 instead of Windows 10 was an analogy I believe.

Further, it was pointed out that the legal arbiters of said Constitution, the nine ‘for life’ appointed Supreme Court Judges - have been politicized to the point of irrelevance. Further still - the President’s office, the Administration, has cowed the third arm of checks and balance, Congress, and now the tripartite system is in disarray.

The idea that struck me most was that the Constitution should be read as a poem in its entirety, its meaning cannot be cherry-picked clause by clause.

I remember Lincoln saying that it was The Declaration alone which gave him hope & inspiration - it all fits, in other words. A good article in Harpers, I think ?

Which brings us to now. How could a military officer be expected to defend The Constitution in reality, when the Supreme Court has made it a mockery of interpretation ?? With a wrong call resulting in court martial ? I suggest it is fantasy to expect this.

So where do we turn for guidance ? British Common Law ? Elsewhere ?

I would request that you expand on your very interesting statement ?

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Yes, Trump should have been jailed long ago, let alone allowed in the White House. The problem is he is not some unexpected and atypical blip on the radar screen. On the contrary, he is exactly what a corrupt political system will produce after decades of abuse and decline. History has documented over and over, again, that unstable and psychotic leaders are typical of an empire in decline. Short of a serious uprising and revolution, it is now our turn.

Let’s just assume, though, that by some miracle justice is served and Trump is impeached, convicted and given the boot and that he also abdicates, peacefully (not a sure thing by any means.) Then what? What has changed? The same people who enabled the rise this madman are still in power, the same gamed and rotten system endures and the rule of corporations and the ultra wealthy continue, while we like the good consumers we are wait for their next compliant stooge to serve them. I, for one, detest the hypocrisy of many of these who now invoke the sacred rule of law when they have a history of ignoring it and abusing it when it suited their needs.

Again, I pray Trump gets the fate he so richly deserves, but it is shortsighted and naive in the extreme to believe that removing Trump will miraculously restore a balance and democracy that has been missing for a great many years if, indeed, it was ever there. Trump is using and soaking a political system that was rotten long before he arrived. Indeed, he wouldn’t have risen to power, otherwise.


More and more there are common sense posts like yours, with which I agree.

Let’s assume that the US cannot be overhauled in time to assume a world leadership role in the fight for life many of us think we are in.

There are some two hundred other countries, the UN, NGO’s, popular uprisings of the young people…

Might the largest problems, like the greenhouse mass extinction event now apparently underway, be addressed by some other entity or consortium ?

Would this Plan B not be worth considering - in fact, why would we not pursue this line of thinking ?

PS: To be blunt - we are navel gazing.


The democratic establishment has deeper ties to Ukraine and Russia:


I’m about to reply to WantBernInstead, but it might as well…sort of…be just as much a “reply” (an endorsement) sent your way.

Ralph has long told the truth about military interventions. When he gets on the subject, it’s the absolute truth.

More and more, I’m convinced of my own theory–for Trump peace-with-Russia has been an ace up his sleeve. For instance, Libertarians [I am not one] know this whole deal about Ukraine, and about the Kurds. They know we set up an anti-Russia gov in Ukraine back in '15 that was too fascist, and doomed to austerity paying back loans. They know that deep state prolonged the war against ISIS [with ill conceived oust-Assad-agenda], while Russia and Kurds pursued one goal. Probably even a lot of “the base” knows all this.

Sadly, I’m sort of inclined to think Ralph is backing away from a reality I see as devolving into a situation that’s pretty hairy. True, though, all the while the card up Trump’s sleeve is itself dissolving, as it were. Maybe Ralph’s not backing off. Maybe he sees it all. For If Trump makes these insane statements about Somalis, how do we know he won’t be crazy again on going with the 2 Bs’ war on Iran? And, if he goes with that, US tensions with China and Russia will leap to out of sight and mind levels (not to mention our troops and/or Iranians being senselessly killed, or oil production going WAY down).

Congress shows signs of getting smarter since this (letter) that happened in May

Getting smarter with a vote on repealing AUMF and with a vote on getting out of Yemen…regarding the latter, both chambers (vetoed). But the whole Ukraine issue is far from getting squared away.

Jimmy Dore is always a hoot, but it looks like DavidCarsen’s aljezeera link shows that Pubs were in on it too. It adds up. Trump and his Pub friends didn’t need to go to Zelinsky for more dirt…they could have just used what’s on the internet. That was the mystery. Why didn’t they? They didn’t because Pub pressure was to not reveal the whole thing, but to make it look like a new investigation? They didn’t want the lid off with old Consortium News citations because those citations, I assume they figured, might not blame Dems enough [though they have], and in addition might portray a bipartisan silence in regard to everything on the part of Congress…back then. They wanted only new probings that would make the Dems’ covert involvement look even more covert than it was (course, Dems did basically think up the whole plot…or at least important Dem ears listened to whomever).

Still, IMO it’s risky impeaching DT for Ukrainegate…it won’t send much of a message to the next admin about the wars (unless in the course of the whole thing the danger of brinksmanship on Russia’s western border gets some serious consideration).

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Because Ukrainegate is a clear repeat of Russian election interference which caused all Trumps policies to begin with. If Trump is allowed to be elected with foreign interference again then there will be plenty of articles to write again of how bad his policies are . Rank them all you want, if you do not let him elected there will be 0.

Trump might have tried to “soup up” what happened; but what really happened, in the process of his efforts, will probably emerge. Anyway, Kiev pols interfering wouldn’t be like Russia interfering [Russian influence not as much a thang as homegrown elements BTW], cause the Ukraine gov is for the most part anti-Russia.

There is this https://winwithoutwar.org/policy/the-war-in-afghanistan-18-years-and-counting/

And this will find another war, which’ll eat up resources and crowd out Green New Deal jobs (not to say GND won’t transition folks outta jobs, but the quicker we start work’n with the new priorities, the
better…attack the hardest chore ASAP).