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The UK's ‘National Security’ Plan? It's a Blueprint for a Police State


The UK's ‘National Security’ Plan? It's a Blueprint for a Police State

Nafeez Ahmed

In early December, the British government released its first annual report on the National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review.

Despite the total media blackout, the document reveals in stark detail the Conservative government’s plans to expand Britain’s military activities around the world.


Faction in the UK that have never given up on the idea of British imperialism are having a field day. So excited to (finally) returning to the days of Empires. Interesting though - their ability to be confrontational with Russia could easily be diminished by US horrific PE. Just goes to show us - gifts can come in strange and hideous packages.


Here is Britain following the American model.

Lord, have mercy!


Theresa May and her Tories disgust me more than did Bliar and Thatcher.

Sendng troops to Poland! Russia is NO threat to the UK and never has been (apart from those wild dreams of the Russian hordes pouring through the Khyber Pass and debouching onto the plains of India). Ah well, it takes an ICBM just 4 minutes to get to the UK from Russia, so the bloody fool in Downing Street probably won't have time to get to her bunker.


The world is running out of time. All the visions of a better world, a fairer world, built with an understanding of common humanity, all slipping from our collective grasp. There were brief periods when I actually believed we had collectively transformed, and left our injustice and inhumanity behind, along with the diseased and dysfunctional dreams of colonial dominion. Within a few short years, we have managed to destroy anything that showed a shred of hope or promise. Humanity is sick, really sick.

A few months ago, I met a young englishman on a plane. We chatted about the amazing ability of the older generation to maintain their worldview and their grip on life. He suddenly exclaimed, 'We are just waiting for them to roll over and die. I wish they would just get out of the way!' (He'd been drinking) I, despite being much older, could not help but sympathise with him. We have been fighting since the sixties to change a broken and corrupt system. Now we have nothing before us but endless war, and a deterministic regression to a mythical past that no one actually remembers. Must be something in the blood. Some old disease that we cannot cure.


Why should we be the only ones to enjoy fascism . . . ?