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The Ultimate Blowback from U.S. Foreign Policy? Donald Trump

The Ultimate Blowback from U.S. Foreign Policy? Donald Trump.

Walden Bello

When the late Chalmers Johnson introduced the word “blowback” to describe the adverse consequences of Washington’s actions in the world, he wasn’t referring simply to the victims of U.S. imperial interventions striking back on American soil. More importantly, he saw the resulting destabilization of the American democratic process as the most dangerous blowback of all.

Seen in this light, Donald Trump’s “M&Ms campaign” — which relies heavily on broadsides against Mexicans and Muslims — is unquestionably a disturbing blowback from Washington’s policies abroad.

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“Only Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent, is pointing to the real roots of America’s foreign policy and domestic crises.”

You mean the same Bernie Sanders whose campaign promise is to smash ISIS, who loyally votes for every military spending bill that comes his way, and who has staunchly protected the trillion dollar F-35 boondoggle?

Sanders is pimping the same imperialistic, militaristic, foreign policy Kool-Aid as every other Republican, and this includes the Republicans that are called Democrats.

Sanders domestic proposals seem to differ from those of Hillary, it is true. But if Sanders is busy smashing ISIS and making weapons, there won’t be any money left for all the cool socialism stuff he says he wants.

Amazed that people cannot spot another obvious Democrat Trojan Horse.

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As usual, you make blanket generalities disguised as savvy commentary.

This is the accurate assessment, in contrast:

“Yet Trump’s calls have resonated with large sectors of the Republican base, with extremist rhetoric now a staple not only of Trump’s campaign but of his rivals’ as well.”

The jingoism and uber-patriotic mindset comes from the REPUBLICAN camp.

You constantly bash the entirety of society and do it in ways that intentionally take the HEAT off actual responsible parties.


“The country seems headed towards an even less liberal democratic order than now exists — one marked by more religious intolerance, more restrictions on civil liberties, and more immigration rules designed to keep out migrants. And that, as Chalmers Johnson so presciently warned, was really the ultimate blowback.”

Overcrowded rats in a cage kill each other to be king rat and overcrowded people in a country kill each other to be king. Aren’t humans just big rats?

George is right. Einstein said it, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, but I’m not sure about the first one.” And W.B. Yeats, “…the best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity.” If we really wanted to prove George wrong we would all be on the streets demanding an end to stupidity by our governments. BTW, Tolstoy showed the way too, “When evil people do an action it behooves the people of good will to counter that action”. From where I sit, Democrats aren’t the good guys (aka the people of good will). Seems to me they are just as committed to perpetual war.

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I was surprised to see this in an otherwise perceptive article. Bernie fully supports the military adventures of the USA, but seems good in comparison to the other candidates. Over 300 million people and look at the choice!!

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The US presidential election is not about choice.

It is a mammoth PSYOP to condition Americans to accept and even support crappy, retrograde, militaristic, oppressive governance.

When a person votes for a Bush, Obama, or Sanders, one aids in one’s own brainwashing.

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You traffic in universal condemnation TO protect particular interests. I won’t drop it. I will call you out every time YOU pollute these threads with your Talking Points.

There is always someone up early–in the past it might have been Rosemarie Jackowski or several other screen names that relentlessly blamed voters/the U.S public or trafficked in glib one liners meant to minimize the topic under consideration.

This PATTERN is a constant, yet it’s continued through a variety of screen names. Likely, these names represent the former posters. However, understanding that they’d be easily noticed for repeating particular memes, like all COWARDS, they HIDE behind the next set of screen names.

I smell you. Rat.

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Unless rats have nukes…

Sanders isn’t saying “Assad must go” like Hillary. He is calling for a Syrian election with Assad participating. Sanders also voted against the Iraq War unlike Hillary.

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Interesting article; I only read the first volume of Chalmers Johnston’s Blowback Trilogy - the only one held in my local library. Johnson didn’t coin the term “Blowback” but merely recycled what was an already established CIA phenomenon. Since the CIA fully comprehends that action causes reaction, then one can only assume that “Blowback” is a desired result i.e. it “proves” that the world is just as bad and dangerous as they had claimed it to be thus justifying their existence and ever more bloated funding. As good old Smedley Butler said “War is a racket” and the CIA are indeed Capitalism’s Invisible Army (though one may wish them more invisible!).
Eisenhower’s valedictory caveat about the MIC and JFK’s oath to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and throw them to the winds” suggests that the illness has long since been diagnosed, but that no-one dare perform the surgery. May Allen Dulles enjoy his brimstone-filled pipe in Hell - despite the influence of his nephew Avery…

America’s social crisis is actually far more severe than liberals are willing to admit, as they have only continued to implicitly support the “war on the poor.” The proverbial “masses,” the poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, have been deeply divided, pitted against each other. President Obama was widely regarded as a last chance to turn things around, making it possible to rebuild the economy/nation. Instead, liberals have spent the years of this administration maintaining a pep rally for the middle class, implicitly (but powerfully) preaching that the corporate state is now so successful, everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. They are wrong. Meanwhile, Democrats have only continued to worsen conditions for the poor, the elderly and the disabled. Does anyone seriously think there are no consequences?