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The Ultra-Costly, Underwhelming F-35 Fighter: A Wasteful Weapon for America's Forever Wars

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/16/ultra-costly-underwhelming-f-35-fighter-wasteful-weapon-americas-forever-wars


Astore sez:
“Don’t think of “Jet noise, the sound of freedom" as merely a bumper sticker …”

Ah … I always thought it was, “Jet noise, the sound of imperial profit-taking.”
Seems I was misinformed.


Go Drones !!
Our F35’s in Italy have contracts as maintainers. There goes any secret or confidential status.
Close air support in Korean War was best by Australian and New Zealand pilots. Air Force sucked. Navy pilots were good.
We will cause more civilian casualties using drones because the joy stick operator is usually a contract looking at a screen without depth perception that a pilot has. Plus, identifying targets and depending on someone halfway around the world clearly see it thru the drone camera is a bit too much to ask.

air power does not win wars. May slow down enemy war production (strategic) and destroy their infrastructure as we did in Iraq, 2003. The F35 is not strategic. And sales to other nations is not going to gain us enough cash.

Perfect accessory for the rest of our military. Bling-biggly pricey, and the greatest thing since the history of militaries but can’t win a war, keep the peace or fly much better than a jumping frog. Call it the “F-35 Blinger.”

The link that the author purports to show that Bernie’s criticism of the F-35 has been muted paints a much more nuanced picture.

Basically, Bernie is forced to accept that F-35 is going to be built.
He has to accept that it will stationed at US facilities.
He has to accept that F-16s are already deployed in Vermont.
He has to accept that lots of jobs in Vermont depend on this deployment.
And this is the biggest bullshit in the MIC “jobs program” – bring home the pork or else.


Waste, waste? We don’t need no stinking waste. We have tons of waste already.
Check the cost of arming an AC C-130 gun ship for one mission. Staggering.
How many secret airship projects do we never hear about. They can’t be using real money. There isn’t enough real money to go around.
We have as many multi-million dollar planes as we do football players.

PS I wonder how much the referee got on Sunday to throw the Bears game. cynic

Another amusing tidbit: The F-35 requires approximately 920 pounds of rare-earth materials, nearly all of which comes from–China. And that’s before you add any of the weapons systems, which also depend critically on Chinese rare earth materials. And we no longer have the ability to make these materials for ourselves.

If they build it war will come .

It’s called steeling the worlds resources from our future selves .

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Berniw “F-35” Sanders (made in Vermont). This is why Bernie is weak on foreign policy.

You can finds interesting articles online discussing how Russia and China have the ability to turn out new weapons systems, possibly superior to ours in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost.
Because there is no profit motive!

We may have to resort to making gunpowder from charcoal and salt.