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The Un-American ICE


The Un-American ICE

Charles P. Pierce

When the damage done by this administration* is toted up, assuming there will be somebody left to count the cost, the unleashing of Border Patrol and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement division, and the subsequent depredations thereof, are going to rank right at the top of the list. If you want to see real fascism in action, look at what these people have been up to.


"It’s a felony to leave water for thirsty people? "

Not really, as mentioned in the quoted article and cited by the author, Mr Warren “was detained on preliminary felony charges of alien smuggling;”. Basically for aiding and abetting unlawful behavior.


Yeah this akin to the person arrested for assaulting a Police officer when the police officer broke his hand while punching the guy in the face. It is an abuse of the law. If someone is lying in the ditch dying due to lack of water and you give him a drink of water and it turns out he an “illegal alien” under your read of it the person helping could be charged with aiding a criminal.

They used to do the same thing to people who would let escaping slaves sleep in barns as they fled to Canada , the only difference being those people were trying to get OUT of the USA.


ICE = Prototypical Einsatzgruppen


Nope. Not even close.

The prof was knowingly leaving water to aid in the smuggling og illegal aliens and he knew it. There’s groupds that actually do that and coyotes know where the water is and use those routes.


Oh please. It an abuse of the law and you know it. The Police just interpret the law as they see fit which is a mark of the Police State. It not just on the border with mexico where a person in the USA can be arrested for providing another with food and water,

The man was providing water to THIRSTY people. People have and will die of thirst . Again this no different then my picking up an “illegal immigrant” on the side of the road in South Manitoba because leaving him there would result in him freezing to death. At least the cops in Canada would not charge me with the crime of “aiding an illegal immigrant”.

THAT said why are people charged with a crime for leaving water in a desert but the owners of businesses not charged when they hire that same “Illegal” at less than minimum wage? These BUSINESS owners by the way have included Politicians that run on anti-immigrant platforms.


Good point. Personally i would go after the business owners. Much easier than patrolling some God forsaken desert. Plus, you can fine them and get some extra money for the government coffers to fill out all those EBT cards.

Except that in this case the prof and his organization knew exactly what he was doing and that it was against te law. It’s nice of him to help thirsty people. Those people would not be in that predicament if they crosssed logally at one of the entry points. Been there, somne that. There’s water fountains and facilities you can use.

sorry, this guy was providing help to people engaged in a illegal activity. Prolly been doing it along time. I guess it only works for so long.


What an absolute crock. Lawyers help people who have migrated “illegaly” to the USA. People donate money to organizations that is used to help those “illegal migrants”. People give Charities and Churches that aid those “illegal migrants”

This is what GOOD people do. Any of those can be construed by a Fascist Police State as aiding in illegal activities and only Facist Police States go out of their way to prosecute people of good will.

Back to that guy on the side of the road in Manitoba ready to Freeze to death. Even if I KNEW he did not legally cross the border, It hardly means I should be faced with the choice of leaving him freeze to death or going to jail .


ICE is stopping buses coming from Northern Maine (we border Canada, you know) and Bangor going south and do a “show me your papers check” We’ve all seen enough movies to know where this leads.


Of course they do. They also defend people that have been accused of all sorts of stuff, like robbing convenience stores. They don’t help the perp commit the crime. See the difference?

So if I drive the getaway car from a bank robbery it’s just giving a lift to some guy why needed a ride.

It’s only in the US (the country with the largest population if illegal immigrants) that i have seen so much hand wringing about deportation.


I have to agree this is a created problem, if we had better immigration laws we wouldn’t have 11 million people here without status. It is actually in their interest along with everyone else to have legal status. So should we be nice and make that 15 million. There are a 1000 people a day detained at the border?

By the way migration is movement within a country. From one country to another is immigration. You can migrate from one state to another but not countries.