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The UN Just Published a Scathing Indictment of US Poverty


The UN Just Published a Scathing Indictment of US Poverty

Jeremy Slevin

The United Nations has released a scathing report on poverty and inequality in the United States. The findings, which will be presented to the U.N. Human Rights Council on June 21, follow an official visit to the United States by Philip Alston, the U.N. special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, to investigate whether economic insecurity in the country undermines human rights.


The richest country in the world having one of the highest poverty rates in the developed world. This even as some claim Government programs can not address Poverty and that Poverty is addressed via market based mechanisms. All one needs do in this cloud cuckoo land, is step aside and allow the “magic of Capitalism” to create wealth and everyone prospers.

The reality is what you are seeing wherein in a world where it every man and woman for themself and where one should only worry about ones own and not ones neighbors because “Socialism is evil”, there ever more people sleeping in streets , going hungry and going further into debt so that the 1 percent can have yet more.


This report is disgusting, and makes me ashamed to be American, but I’m glad it has been released.
If it wakes up even one person, that’s a good thing. I’m thankful that for the most part, this is “preaching to the choir” on this site.


Trump policy : Tax the Poor, Feed the Rich.


Next time system fails they are coming after social security and medicare. Unemployment rate they said on news at 3.85% – what a big lie

http://michael-hudson.com/2018/04/high-cost-economy/ Listen to this for 17 minutes –


Like Carlin said about the American Dream" - you have to be asleep to believe it. So this situation didn’t start with Trump. For me it goes back to Clint and the gutting of the safety net, and giving the store to the banks.

I went to the Google news feed to see what their was about this UN report…Nothing on the front page under US or World news. Went to the U.S. news tab - again nothing. On the World news tab, there was a few articles on the third page. So, it looks like the MSM is doing a pretty good job of keeping the citizens unaware that their situation of poverty that they experience every day has been noted by the rest of the world.

Another day. Another nail in the coffin called the USA.


From Monty Python I recall

“Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore riding through the woods, stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. Stupid bitch.”

Dennis, we go no more bloody lupins.


So here’s the deal. The development of post-WW2 hyper-capitalism that this report describes has nothing to do w/ Trump – though his administration will make matters worse, much worse. We gonna keep whining about Trump or do something useful?


Sadly, this report does not surprise me. I see evidence of growing poverty every dang day.
It makes me absolutely livid that this is where we, the people are at present. And, more of this completely shitty shit will continue, spiraling down, down down to more hell, brought on by the greed and grifters of the 1% class.


The “Pathological Liar” administration.

Greed before need.


Yet Trump continues to get on his bully pulpit almost daily to tell/sell/inform/dictate to/bullshit us that the economy is better than it’s been in decades. To make it worse, the mainstream media is buying into it – every bit of it because the media elites and most of the anchors and reporters are in the 1% class.

If you’re in the 1% crowd, you probably are doing very, very well by stealing the profits via dividends (that receive preferential tax treatment) and increased share values. All of this unearned was actually generated by the toil of the working class. If you’re a working class grunt, you are living daily in a struggle to meet your basic needs while the 1% wine and dine in luxury.


Poverty and deplorable living conditions did not just happen in the US 17 months ago. The blame is not Trump’s alone however he is worsening inequality, but then so did Obama – probably past the point of no return.

Let’s just face it, the ruling elites are just not that into the hoi polloi. I have never seen so many homeless women in my life than I have seen in the last five or six years. This is women sleeping under trees in parks, trying to hide themselves so they will not be disturbed and sent packing by the police or residents living nearby. Yet cutting taxes for the wealthiest among us is the priority. Our government is a failure.


“Our government” is a success for politicians’ corporate paymasters.


Poverty is a deliberately made political choice. We could choose to eradicate it, but time and again we choose to vote for parties which are entrenched in the status quo. A great many people amongst the millions cursed with poverty voted for Trump, while the Democrats vied for their votes by claiming to be moderate and centrist and equally committed to the status quo, which (it is claimed) rewards the hard working and successful with prosperity. The problem lies deeper than Trump, but in a cultural assumption that poverty results from character defects which means it is the just desserts of the poor. Meanwhile immigrants are a handy scapegoat to blame for the current situation - everyone can wash their hands of responsibility and instead concentrate on building that wall. So democracy becomes a machine designed to deliver power to the least suitable among us by appealing to our darkest and most inhumane tendencies.


Carlin also said that the rich take all the money to the bank, the middle class do all of the work, and the poor are just there to scare the fuck out of the middle class. Quite bright and right was he.


Yes it is a very good thing that this report has been released to the public. The problem is maybe one out of every hundred or more likely one out of every thousand to ten thousand people will ever even know this report even exists much less read it and understand what it’s saying.

I’m afraid that after the next three years of Trump (or Pence) have passed this report may look like a relative ray of sunshine. Sorry about the pessimism but I just can’t help it. Until the entire 99% start working as a united force against the “monied elites” we’re just spinning our wheels in the mud.


Actually that’s a GREAT slogan for the party of slogans (Republicans of course but not mutually exclusive of Dems of course either!)


We have been losing the war on doing something useful. This country is going farther center right to right. We haven’t even gone far enough right to start correction.
I have been saying for awhile, this country is doing what germany did in the 30s. Trump is just a symptom of what we are becoming. There is no strong enough progressive movement to stop what we are becoming. Most of the people are center right at best and going to the right more.
Either there will be a backlash in the next election or we will go further to the right. And I don’t expect a backlash
America voted for the worst and got it. No matter who the democrats offer, those of the far left will reject that person, thus making sure that the worst going further to the right will win. Purity will be insisted upon and thus a Trump will be elected, the name doesn’t matter, just the morality of which there will be none. And the purity people will rejoice that they didn’t vote for someone who was less evil, they will claim the worst evil is just as bad as the lessor.


Do nothing useful. Just whine. Both. The purity people will tell you that a 3rd party is needed, Even though at best no 3rd party has ever done more than to eventually join a major party and changed it that way. The abolitionist and tea party are prime examples of that. They made the major party bend to them. Then you have others like the Bull Moose, the Whigs (fell apart due to slavery), the Know Nothings that failed.
The purity people will demand that only certain people can be voted for. Which means they will be in the minority forever. Purity is great, unless you want to succeed at anything. then purity works against you because no one is pure enough.
I can go on purity. Thus Sanders is not pure enough for me. Never will be. As someone completely anti-war, Sanders is not pure enough. He voted for the f-35s to be continued because some of the parts are built in his state. So purity demands that I don’t vote for him. Doesn’t leave me much in the way of choices then, since hillary was out.
Stein was out because of her anti-vacines stance and the anti-science she promoted. Forget about gary johnson and his views then.
That doesn’t leave anyone to vote for then. That’s the problem with purity, no one fits your purity demands. Thus the worse person get elected. Because no one opposes that person.
And the next election will be the same, the purity people will find no one to vote for that stands any chance.
I have had this argument before with them. They want to split from the democrats. Which means they will have no power. None. Why should the democrats listen to them when they are not going to vote for them?
The Tea party threaten but in the end voted republican. Thus they had power. The purity people are going to say F you democrats and thus have no power. I know they think the people will then turn to support them. But that has never happened. The democrats will say the same F you. And both will lose. And the people will sit at home like they always have and in reality say F you to all of them. They don’t believe that any of them have their best interest at heart. Which is why almost 40% of americans don’t vote. To them, no one is on their side. And they won’t vote just because some purity party says they are on their side. They haven’t in the past. They won’t start now.


Yes, the Clinton Democrats brought the war on the poor to fruition in the 1990s, ending actual welfare aid, taking the first steps to similarly “reform” Social Security (targeting the disabled). So many families in poverty were torn apart, children taken into “indefinite custody” by social services, their parents charged with “neglect/failure to adequately provide.” As the overall life expectancy of the US poor fell below that of every developed nation, liberals/media shrugged and moved on to other issues. The Obama years confirmed that this agenda is permanent.