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The Undeniable, Commonsense Response to Harvey


The Undeniable, Commonsense Response to Harvey

Rhea Suh

As the winds raged and the floodwaters rose in Houston and other Gulf Coast cities last week, the nation rightly focused on the human catastrophe—the lives lost, homes destroyed, and futures upended. In the hard weeks, months, and years to come, we’ll need a national response to assist community-led recovery and rebuilding efforts in effective, sustainable, and equitable ways.


It isn’t the ozone.
It isn’t hollow moons.
God is doing this!


The only way the, ahem, ahem, ‘leaders’? will take notice is if their multi-million $ mansions are blown away in one of these superstorms. I’m hoping Mar-a Lago takes it right on the nose and washes away in the ocean. I also don’t want to see anybody die as this is a great storm and very dangerous.The millionaires can afford to rebuild, if they’re that stupid, as things are just getting warmed up. Sorry for the dark humor. Think of Andrew, Katrina, Harvey, Sandy, as the opening shots, warning shots, and now Earth’s playing for real, for her life and soul. It’s time the feckless leaders woke up and grow a few, ya know, balls and do SOMETHING!!!


Now are you ready to quit driving your car?


Pernicious power brokers do NOT respond to common sense! They respond to People Power ~ organize to build power institutions that will protect and defend our Water World and what’s left of our diminishing democracy.

Treasure Life & Semper Fidelis,

David DeChant
Jarhead Vietnam
Veteran For Peace


Now are you ready to stop eating meat? Animal Agriculture is the single biggest contributor to Climate Change - far more so than all fossil fueled transport? Why is nobody talking about the cow in the room? Are you scared of losing supporters? Or subscribers? Is it all about the money - there are so many well documented scientific papers out there pointing out this disastrous link between Animal Agriculture and Climate Change, yet article after article about these past hurricanes and storms omit this as a root cause of Climate Change! Wake up people - we are eating our way into extinction!


I notice that you are lumping all of animal agricultural together but only picking on one use of fossil fuels (transportation). Overall, fossil fuel consumption contributes about 60% of human greenhouse emissions compared to on about 16% for animal agriculture. If you look just at the U.S., fossil fuels account for 80% and animal agriculture for only 6%. Thus, if half of the American population became vegetarians tomorrow we would barely make a dent in greenhouse emissions (removing just 3% of the problem we cause). Of we course we’d have a healthier population - and we could make better use of the land currently used for grazing, but the effect on global warming would be insignificant.


please cite your sources


Sure - the best source for climate science information is skepticalscience.com
It is a site written by climate scientists and they present materials at various levels so you can always dig deeper if you want. They also scrupulously link to the scientific literature. Their article on the affect of animal agriculture in global warming is at


In a typically foolish move, our Fake President issued an executive order cancelling President Obama’s order that all rebuilding of federal facilities after a natural disaster meet tougher, more wind-and-water-resistant standards. This guarantees that any federal funds for reconstruction will guarantee destruction on a scale like that already experienced. Lives will be lost. Billions will be, once again, required for reconstruction. Is Donald Trump able to look any further than one early morning inane tweet at a time?