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The Unholy Marriage of War and Disney


The Unholy Marriage of War and Disney

Tom Engelhardt

In September 2001, the Bush administration launched its “global war on terror,” to which its supporters later tried to attach names like “the long war” or “World War IV.” Their emphasis: that we were now engaged in nothing less than a multi-generational struggle without end. (World War III had theoretically been the Cold War.) In fact, only the “war on terror” would stick and, in 2009, even that would be tossed overboard when the Obama


Here comes mention of that marriage that too many self-proclaimed Leftists wish to keep hidden.

The following comes from “The Chalice and the Blade,” page 153, by Riane Eisler (there is a good deal of documentation and scholarship that leads up to these paragraphs):

“As we have seen throughout recorded history, the androcratic system’s first line of “defense” has been the reassertion of male control. Even more precisely, we have seen that a regression towards more suppression of women is an early predictor that a generally repressive and bloody period of history is setting in. As the research of McClelland, Roszak, and Winter so vividly documents, what this all points to is the grim conclusion that unless the systems relationship between the suppression of women and of affiliative and caring values is finally addressed, we are inevitably moving toward another period of massive bloodletting through war.”

I have often pointed out that the tel-Evangelical movement pushing patriarchal values played a role in reversing the progress of women and women’s rights. I also believe that the 700 club was financed initially by the CIA and that Pat Robertson is an affiliate.

“McClelland’s research shows how the upsurge of violent themes in literature and art (to which I’d add film), predicts periods of warfare and repression.”

I am going to post a link to material showing how far Disney has gone in concerted efforts aimed at turning innocent female child stars into raging whore-like beasts. This is how young girls are taught to view themselves. When one adds this type of image shown often in the “music world,” to that of images of women degraded in porn, to that of rape-rendered-a-norm on too many “Law and Order” (special victims) episodes, to video games featuring sexualized and brutal violence directed at female avatars… the preponderance of violence BECOMES what society reflects.

This DEGRADATION of the female boosts up the macho make-war state. And Riane Eisler covers a lot of PROOF of that assertion supported by numerous other compelling analogies.


The #1 priority of a capitalist government is to get society to buy something.


Here is the link. Seeing is believing…



The brothers bush watch jeb’s doll move in and float the wolfowitz war baloon as the water bearers of the sorcerer’s apprentice do their thing in the background