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The Unique Resource Available to All 2016 Candidates: VIPS



A year before the US government assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King, he asked Americans to end their silence over an unlawful, treaty-violating, and lie-started war killing millions.
This was in 1967 and look where we are now-
Martin Luther King, Jr., was an American clergyman and civil rights leader who was fatally shot at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, on Thursday, April 4, 1968, at the age of 39.


Thank you Ray McGovern and VIP's for all that you do- MLK would be beaming proud...
Now, only if some of these "Candidates" will only listen to you and your group......


I second the gratitude Ray McGovern. There are times when the source of "We have met the enemy and he is us" is - Pogo by Walt Kelly - is needed as a re-energizer


The following is, of course, true. However, a further link ought to be made between the fraudulent policies set into motion and the Oil Interests holding top government positions... the better to use the MIC's muscle in pursuit of THEIR profit-based objectives:

"In fact, VIPS was founded by a handful of former CIA analysts, including me, for the express purpose of warning President Bush that his small coterie of advisers, led by Vice President Dick Cheney, was adducing fraudulent – not mistaken – “intelligence” in promoting the concept the war on Iraq."

In other words, putting the OIL item onto the menu explains just how tainted Cheney's motives were, along with those of former Bush family associates... OIL MEN from Texas.


It's hard to know if it's patriotism or idealism that has seasoned men in Intelligence unable to see what an outsider can.

Also notable is that if the right questions aren't asked, answers will show up that are less than satisfactory... or remedial.

What Mr. McGovern is not seeing is that the case for war was fixed because there was a blueprint in place; and that blueprint--known as The Project For a New American Century--was indeed being fulfilled by bludgeoning one Middle East nation after another.

Now that so much destruction has been wrought... it's more than annoying when supposedly intelligent pundits focus on why "we" lost "the wars." As if THAT is the issue.

Foremost is keeping the military machine operating. It's a HUGE cash cow for some very empowered and entrenched interests.

Second is controlling Middle East oil since it's the lifeblood of the U.S. "petro-dollar." And what has allowed the U.S. government to operate in spite of a gigantic deficit and related debt for years.

That's why Mr. McGovern's more honest Intelligence fell on deaf ears:

"Our warnings to President Bush also came more than five years before the completion of a five-year investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee on pre-war intelligence, the results of which were approved by a bipartisan majority. On June 5, 2008, the date of its release, committee chair Jay Rockefeller commented on its findings:

“In making the case for war, the administration repeatedly presented intelligence as fact when in reality it was unsubstantiated, contradicted, or even non-existent. As a result, the American people were led to believe that the threat from Iraq was much greater than actually existed.”

To those who are not blinded by American Exceptionalism, the fact is that the entire false flag was elaborately planned in order to blind enough people to the Truth to easily "fix the case" for war. When a People are left traumatized, they hardly think clearly. And Bush rushed right in using Holy War memes to equate vengeance with some godly imperative...

Next step... send in the troops.

Mr. McGovern is correct that the attacks indeed would inevitably bring about the "poison fruit" of genuine terrorism.

That's how criminals cover their tracks.


I so totally agree stubnose49. I am familiar with William Pepper's work on behalf of the King family. Also involving the Sirhan case. All assassinations of the sixties are related, in my opinion.


Sorry, but you all might see the similarity in this from today's NYT's...


Yes, they were all connected- Nixon's "Plumbers" of Watergate infamy were front and center- Howard Hunt even made A somewhat confusing confession of involvement in the Kennedy Murders after his own son goaded him into it- I also believe the people/cult that paid for the bullets were also behind 9-11...


Man, you read my mind here- I was just thinking of Olaf Palme the other day and tried to find out if his "Suspicious" and untimely death had been solved- He was A GOOD Man, and as we know the good die young in this Evil World- Thanks for the article Norcal!- I'm about to read it...


While commenting on the case built for that war, as fraudulent and nonsensical as it were, you might also mention the tremendous amount of pressure exerted on any and all of these "leaders" by AIPAC and the Israeli Lobby- These people were all over it including pressuring Powell to present all of that bogus WMD bullshit to the U.N.- Not to even mention the Zionist Jew Representation within the Council on Foreign Relations-Which is HUGE-
Cui-Bono 9-11, Cui-Bono Iraq War....


Excellent suggestion by McGovern. Let's hope the winning candidate is one who'll take him up on it.

Sanders 2016


There are several here that make EVERYTHING about Israel.

When Ike warned about the growing influence of the Military Industrial Complex, Israel was a very young state.

I am FAR more interested in the covert powers of American Nazis than in Israel. Arguably, AIPAC has some clout and some financial influence.

But Israel is TOO often cited as the major player... and that's ludicrous given the roles of:

  1. Big Oil
  2. Global Banking cartels (and requirement of propping up the U.S. Petro-dollar)
  3. MIC and weapons' suppliers, producers, and salesmen
  4. NATO interests
  5. Saudi Arabia and Oil Cartels
  6. The ancillary corporations that also profit from war


I agree Siouxrose1. After reading "The Devil's Chessboard" I came away thinking that it was and has been, mostly about the toxic mix of Big American Business it's Bankers, Lawyers, Marketers and their absolute confidence that All resources belong exclusively to them. After those assumptions, come the government corruption necessary to conduct unfettered capitalism.
I do think that there was a real misconception about what Marxism was; and the actions of Stalin and Lenin did nothing but reinforce political paranoia. If one could clearly understand the post WWII push and pull in countries like Italy; we could much better understand where mistakes were made. Even with that said, the Dulles brothers were clearly out of control and must be held accountable for their treason.

One cannot ignore the international drug supply and distribution either, because deals were made that helped the US in Europe.


Thank you for the confirmation.

I am half-way through "Dark Money," written by Jane Mayer. It traces the influence of the Koch Brothers and how they essentially began a war of stealth against the interests of most if not all working Americans.

It's very powerful to read a number of books that reinforce the same thesis while adding specific and significant pieces to the big puzzle.

Janine Wedel's book "The Shadow Elite" makes it clear that the same group of power-brokers always seem to be on hand when nations collapse so that they can enter on "the ground floor" to set up the financial and political (govt. positions) logistics.

"The Devil's Chessboard" is probably the quintessential book on just how nefarious the Dulles' brothers activities were and how they (particularly Allen) did so much to foment today's global terrorism (and the military footprint that purportedly exists to control or contain it).

Add in "JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters" which shows who had "cui bono" reason to assassinate this great man, and how that veered the nation into the arms of the MIC that Eisenhower warned against.

I also read, "The Nazis Next Door" after hearing the author on Democracy Now. I wanted a clearer understanding of how significant the importation of Nazi upper echelon scientists and soldiers were to the Deep State.

(I am waiting for a copy of Mike Lofgren's "Deep State" which is not due out in paperback until September).

I plan to read "Coup D'etat in Slow Motion" after hearing Ole Dammegarde (its author) interviewed on several You Tube shows.

When these books are factored in with John Dean's assessment of "Conservatives without Conscience," and "Dangerous Dossiers," by Herbert Mitgang (which prints just who was spied upon during Hoover's reign of domestic terror... and why their ideas were considered so dangerous), and both coupled with Chris Hedges' work on the DARK side of the Christian Fundamentalist movement ("American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America") even more nuance is added to the puzzle.

I would also add that Barry Lynne's book "God and Government" shows how insidiously the Christian Right along with the influential Catholic Church are taking over government policies and commandeering would-be public school funds for their own heavily religiously propagandized schools. (This is so seldom mentioned as the term "charter school" blankets over the FACTS of who is gaining from this rejoinder between church and state).

There are other books and sources that I am studying. Some would be seen as even more radical than the titles outlined.

Many people fixate on ONE causative factor when not using broad blame-frames like us, we, ours, (all) Americans, (all), voters, (all) human beings, and the very diffusive "human nature." I think these simplistic viewpoints are the result of NOT reading anything that might genuinely educate or expand their understanding.


I'm saving your post for all of these recommendations of books to read. Good work Siouxrose.


Thanks for all Siouxrose, great comment, and I'll follow up on the readings that I'm unfamiliar with.


Thank you. If you feel the need to cluck, by all means do so...

I've stated often that I check out the whole spectrum of sources and typically glean what I find true and toss the rest.

With that being said, the OTHER book I am about to mention made The Southern Poverty Center's "Hate" list due to its focus on homosexuals. However, the data the book brings forth (with LOTS of documented proof) suggests something about the innermost circle of the German Nazi Party that I have always suspected: its homosexual bonds of loyalty.

I find this important because I see congruence amongst all these things:

  1. Porn degrading women
  2. Global trafficking in women and child sex slaves
  3. Gang rape in Congo, India, and even the U.S. (The Jody Foster film--"The Accused" shows the mindset)
  4. Film emphasis on macho expressions of BRUTE force. Lately, I find that some movies appear to be little more than advertisements for specific guns and weaponry.
  5. Turning abortion into THE moral issue... and convenient diversion from the real obscenity: arsenals of weapons and armies made to use them actually killing THOUSANDS and thousands of LIVING people
  6. Cloning
  7. Bio-genetic technology rendering much of the plant world STERILE
  8. Extreme emphasis on God, the father... in ALL patriarchal religions (and this father, needless to say, demands strict obedience)

The book is entitled, "The Pink Swaztika" and one of the first points it makes is citing the high incidence of homosexuality in Germany's boy scout-like groups. These became the young men groomed to act as brutal brown shirts.

The books' authors specify that this Homosexual contingent HATED the types of gays who act feminine. THAT was the homosexual pool they did put into camps.

But the premise held by the upper echelon Nazi homosexuals was that loyalty among men, much of it fostered early on through forcing young men into sexual servitude with their male superior officers, was the highest form of society!

This "society" has no room for females and no interest in feminine things like caring, nurturing, compassion, empathy or tenderness.

Keep in mind that the traits (or expressions) listed above would definitely make less of soldiers. (To feel empathy inhibits the reflex to kill on command.)

I dated 2 men who at one time were in the marines. One of them came back to see me after dropping out of college. I was still in college. I touched his leg and it felt like IRON. Not human. I began to joke with him about his training and could see he was entirely brainwashed.

The other one is an alcoholic to this day and I know that his experience in Vietnam, added to a broken early family life, has meant untreated trauma or PSTD. Anyway, he told me how the sergeant at boot camp humiliated men for the size of their penises.

And he told me that little jingle--that basically said the soldier's bayonet was "his member." I don't recall the exact lines.

Taking the FEMALE component out of the living equation is a very real imperative of those who totally identify with "military society." And the Nazis committed to that crippled ideal were the very ones respected by the likes of Allen Dulles.

After all, stuck in the post-war mindset and convinced that having the most efficient army in the world would be worth any moral compromises, it was people like Dulles (and the Vatican!) that made sure that plenty of these Nazi killers would be given respectable "new lives" inside the U.S. military machine.

Others took positions at leading universities where they could further their research into mind-control (Project MK Ultra). Naomi Klein begins her book, "The Shock Doctrine" relaying this very thing.

Mind control is a significant component in controlling any civilian population. And every tyrant, from Pinochet to Stalin, goes after intellectuals who make people think what the Control State does not want them to think. (Right now, the U.S. surveillance state is showing that same disdain for Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and others.)

People without consciences are very good at either killing or making a killing at business. Persons like Mitt Romney who feel no moral compunction from buying a company out from its rightful owners only to skim profits off the top and close it down (leaving people jobless) do very well in today's climate of vulture/disaster capitalism.

And those who make WAR their business (or life "calling") like to be surrounded by others who are efficient at this Darkest of Arts.

It is no accident that all things considered feminine are demonized. And as I have explained MANY times in these threads, pornography that turns women into objects of disdain plays a HUGE role in this psychological conditioning. Of course, the video games that purposely excite young adolescent boys' nascent sexuality with scenes of gang rape (to a female avatar) or cutting her throat after sex play a major role in fomenting a misogyny that is so pervasive, than many just take "it" for "reality."

This disassociation from the Female Side of Creation allows the Male side disproportionate expression; and when societies become militarized, the very premise of masculinity is tied to war, soldiering, and unapologetic killing.

THAT is where our society has been led. And until the roots of this unbalanced state are properly understood, talk of capitalism is nothing more than moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic.


I appreciate the positive feedback! I'd be happy to add some links, if need be.

Several of these sources were interviewed and it's when I listened to their theses and grasp of facts that I felt compelled to read what they had researched or compiled.

Thanks to Democracy Now, CommonDreams, and the Internet... people who the elites don't WANT read are self-publishing or otherwise finding ways to get The Truth Out There.

I have this little ritual I do whenever a new book crosses my path. I let it open to whatever page it "wants" to open do. This morning I took out a copy of "The Assassination of Julius Caesar." It was sent to me from someone I "met" from this site. Anyway, I hadn't read it and I quoted the precise paragraphs I "came to" in a different C.D. thread today.

What struck me was that Michael Parenti, in delineating how "Democracy" worked in ancient Rome was really exposing the template that's still operational today. Sure, the positions, characters, names, and titles alter... but it's really the same dynamic. And for me, the analogy was nowhere more clear than in this crap about super-delegates telling US--the Voters--who will be eligible for the Presidential official run!

It's unbelievable that the same dynamic is STILL holding mankind hostage!


I'm deeply into JFK and have learned a great deal about History because of that interest. What strikes me the most is how history is lost generationally. One would think that, in time, we would sort of catch on, get civilization more right, become, more humane. Yet here we are in America seemingly seeking Empire, it is maddening.

Any links you may provide would be appreciated. Thank you Siouxrose.


If I see that line-up of war criminals in the lead picture of this article, I am all to happy, that Bernie is staying away from this kind of advisors.