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The United States and the Crucifixion of Yemen


The United States and the Crucifixion of Yemen

Paul Street

The United States has killed, maimed, displaced and otherwise harmed an astonishing number of people in its 241-year record of murder and mayhem—including more than 20 million killed in 37 nations since 1945.

Murder, Direct and Proxy



The key word here is willfully. Shame on us!


Per usual, Street lays it out clearly. One omission worth noting is the UN/Bush/Clinton/Blair/Bush sanctions which killed hundreds of thousands.


They don’t remain “willfully” ignorant. Between the fact that most people (in any country) pay little or no attention to anything that doesn’t affect them directly, coupled with a media that encourages people to focus on fuzzy kitten videos, people remain in blissful ignorance. It’s universal. After all, Stalin is still loved in Russia despite killing millions of his own people, let alone others, the same goes for Mao.


All very accurate telling of the war crimes we our proxy’s commit with our weapons and support in Yemen as in so many other places.

I was wondering how Street didn’t find some way to include his trademark Bernie Bashing and undermining in this very good and comprehensive piece…and then there it was, right at the end…why Paul Street can’t focus on real enemies and war criminals rather than Sanders statements and failures I don’t get - I supported Sanders but did NOT do so “unconditionally”, I saw where he needed to alter his direction, but I would rather confront Sanders failures and silence on some issues, than the depravity of either trump & co or HRC…I would rather half a loaf than starvation…Street apparently does not or cannot help himself - one must wonder why…did Sanders kill Streets beloved dog?


Sorry if the truth about Bernie disturbs you. Maybe if Bernie spoke out against US Imperialism? But he doesn’t it.

Glad there are a few people like Paul Street around. He pulls no punches. Quite frankly, I’m surprised CD published him. I thought this was a site devoted to Democratic Liberals pushing the US closer to war with Russia?


I don’t think Street writes “the truth” about Sanders. Sanders as anyone who runs must get elected under our corrupted political system - to verbalize every progressive/radical,left issue will placate some but will not get the job done. I think Sanders knows which battles to fight and when, I don’t see him as a moral zero, but a person of integrity.
People got fooled by Obama’s deceit and false rhetoric, but he betrayed us… Sanders is speaking-out on issues he sees as uniting a coalition needed to actually win election and if with a progressive or Congress even mildly moral might be able to accomplish many things…un-elected but proud in his self-defeating rhetoric, he or anyone would not…I still have some faith left - not much, but some, in some people…Sanders is still one such…

Your idiot comment " I thought this was a site devoted to Democratic Liberals pushing the US closer to war with Russia?" is ridiculous rubbish by the way…


Most amerikans choose to drop out; and live in the 51st State…denial!
Those who have compassion, resist the imperialist amerikan empire at all times!