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The United States Considers Itself a Human Rights Champion. The World Begs to Differ


The United States Considers Itself a Human Rights Champion. The World Begs to Differ.

Jamil Dakwar

Starting Monday, the United States' human rights record will be subject to international scrutiny by the U.N. Human Rights Council. It may just be the perfect catalyst for the Obama administration to make good on past and present wrongs that should never be associated with a liberal democracy predicated on respect for human rights.


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You take what is true of, advocated for, and executed by way of a small niche of dominators (mostly white males of means) and attribute it most erroneously to ALL U.S. citizens.

The Blacks who were done unto are part of America. One cannot be categorized BOTH as slave and perpetrator.

To the millions of women who had NO agency given that voting rights, reproductive rights, and often financial sovereignty were fully OUT of their hands… they were not part of the consensus who falsely claim existed–for crimes of state.

Then there were the various immigrant groups that came to this land with each one typically subjected to prejudice, demeaning wages and jobs, and difficult living circumstances until they melded into “the melting pot.” Few had much agency in the way of sculpting events of magnitude.

It was not the U.S.–in terms of its people–that put internment camps into place any more than it’s today’s peace-loving, law-abiding citizens who put the covert prison camps into place, morphed domestic law enforcement into an adjunct of foreign military operations, or opted for a whole new McCarthy period replete with spies, surveillance, and a fully propagandized media.

Often it’s small groups of empowered persons that call the shots when it comes to corporate decisions (now being decided behind closed doors through entities created by the same groups running the show), military maneuvers (helped along by a mass media onboard when it comes to FIXING cases FOR war), and where this nation’s collective monies will be spent (bailing out banks, granting massive subsidies to corporate predators) and invested (the make-war MIC apparatus).

Those who traffic in UNIFORM frames work along with the STATE to silence dissent, gloss over any alternatives to the status quo preferred by Mars-Mammon rule, and render invisible–all those who do NOT go along with these poisonous protocols.

Such a narrative is no different from the ones currently in currency. Here are a few:

  1. The Black kids gunned down were threatening police officers/Zimmerman–vigilante, etc.
  2. That all those killed by drones are guilty of terrorist acts
  3. That Putin is the aggressor in the Ukraine
  4. That Israel and Palestine constitute 2 (equal) sides in a conflict

There are countless more FALSE frames. Those that PURPOSELY do away with identifying actual trespassers in order to hold ALL guilty are Judeo-Christian Biblical guilt-trips crossed with modern 21st century CIA style propaganda.


This author is another self-deluding faux liberal. The idea that Obama, a bloodthirsty war criminal by even the most conservative standards, would suddenly make some dramatic change in what has been U.S. policy (at home and abroad) since the beginning of our destructive Empire is absurd. Why does CD publish this kind of tripe? Only the most willfully ignorant and hypocritical of readers would consider this article to be anything but drivel. Why waste the time and energy to post it?


As Glenn Greenwald not long ago pointed out: Such a tone of commentary is meant to be aspirational. A writer, public figure, or journalist uses this approach to try to PUBLICLY shame a person of power into doing the right thing. Whether or not Mr. Dakwar believes that Obama can be “pushed by his base” to act in accordance with long-established Just Doctrines is another matter.


Did U.S. citizens gun down JFK? Dr. King? Bobby? Malcolm?

Did U.S. citizens take down the shah of Iran in l953? How about Hugo Chavez by more recent and covert means?

Is it the full body of U.S. citizens that shoots down black kids?

Did U.S. citizens decide to bail out the banks and leave the mostly racially-segregated inner cities to rot?

You start out by properly identifying “the U.S. govt” as the “biggest war criminal,” but then fall into that same sloppy generic terminology that takes what is done BY power (I.e. the 1%) and folds it back into the whole homogenized human herd. In essence, this type of vernacular wipes out the key discerning fact that Occupy Wall St stood out in great numbers to in fact demarcate.

No surprise to me that forum “regulars” stationed here like sentries do their utmost to DAILY blur that line.


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“Oderint Dum Mutant.”

That has worked since the Roman Empire times. Now it is working and has worked for the Amerikan Empire. Except the people that really know this, are for the most part not Americans, but foreigners that have been subjects of the Amerikan Empire for the last 100 years!

Americans have been fed the FALSE PROPAGANDA of the latest boogeyman so that they do not hate the Empire, but hate the: REDS, JAPS, KRAUTS, RUSSIANS, COMMUNISTS; BLACK PANTHERS; TERRORISTS; MUSLIMS; ISIS; AL QAEDA; ad nauseum! Do you ever stop to think why the US has sooooo many enemies?

Like I have said before, if the US did not have any foreign enemies they would have to manufacture them…and that is exactly what they do!


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I grew up in apartheid South Africa which was then the pariah of the world.

According to the rest of the world, the two worst human rights violations were detention without trial and solitary confinement. If I remember correctly, the maximum time for detention without trial was six months.