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The United States Didn’t Lose the Cold War. Racist Plutocrats Won It.


The United States Didn’t Lose the Cold War. Racist Plutocrats Won It.

David Atkins

Watching the way that Vladimir Putin has bent the American government through his agents in the White House and the conservative movement, it is unsurprising that many leading thinkers recoil at the vision of the United States becoming in many ways a client state of Russia. Any patriotic American or (more importantly) anyone concerned with global justice and human rights should be equally revolted.


A more accurate observation is that the 1% won the cold war at the expense of the 99%.The cold war was all about convincing us that the USSR was more of a threat than it actually was so the military industrial complex (MIC) could grow unchecked with carte blanche financial support from US taxpayers.

Upon the collapse of the USSR the MIC not only kept the gravy train rolling but enhanced it by morphing into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) which includes contriving a nebulous war on terror that, unlike the cold war) will be eternal, assuring MIMIC an eternal revenue stream financed by US taxpayers.


This piece is riddled with such abject nonsense that I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll just say this-nobody won the cold war. Reagan and Gorbachev called it off, each for their own reasons. Then after 1991 this happened:

It makes you wonder if these “exceptionals” are handed a script or if they make things up out of their own imaginations.



Clinton WAS handed a script by the Wall Street funded Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) that he followed religiously for 8 years vastly enriching the 1% at the expense of the 99% in the process.


All I know is that sometime before 2011-2012 Putin and oligarchs became fascists and rigged the election so that Putin won and he, the oligarchs, and some former KGB associates turned Russia into the Fascist state and kleptocracy. Of course Russia lost the Cold War. Perhaps the main problem is that authoritarian government has an appeal to large segments of populations seemingly everywhere. Many people want a strongman. Putin and gang made that happen in Russia by rigging an election and in a way did it in the US, although from a distances of several thousand miles. They identified Trump a number of years ago as a possible US president and carried out a plan to make him president that was successful. There was no guarantees they would succeed but everything fell into place including the actions of James Comey that they could not have seen coming like everyone else.


Atkins makes good observations here. There’s something more, however.

The US has been moving its imperial clutch around Russia and the states of the old Soviet Republic step by step since the fall.

  • It has moved NATO east in the absence of a Soviet threat and despite promises to not do so
  • It has provoked a fascist coup d’etat in Ukraine
  • It has renewed its nuclear threats, in general, but towards Russia in particular
  • It has invaded, destroyed society after society below Russia’s southern border–Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria–on and on.
  • It has threatened buffer states and sea routes in the Pacific from Obama’s “Turn to Asia” forward

Not all the racist plutocrats in question are in the United States, of course. But some who are appear determined to continue prosecuting their cold war, with some hope of increasing their victory at the cost of all the rest of us.


Racist Plutocrats in the USA won in 1776. They have been in power ever since. The USA at the level of Government was never interested in “Human Rights” or Social justice.

Russia did not shape behaviour in the USA. The USA shaped behaviour in Russia , just as they did in Fascist Germany when Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kamp how he admired how the USA handled its problem with “lesser races” and how they expanded their “Lebenstraum” into the Western USA. He also adopted theories on Race supremacism based on a US Model that proposed sterilizing those “lessor races”.

The USA of course based its model on the British Empire, another Racist entity that based its wealth upon Racism and theft of resources. An Indian economist calculated that from the day the British landed in India to the day they kicked out, some 43 trillion in wealth was pulled out of India in order to line the pockets of Racist Plutocrats in Great Britian.

Racist Plutocrats in the USA were offended when brown skinned peoples in Cuba threw them out and they have tried to make sure that Country fails since. They pushed was againt the peoples of the Philippines where Presidents of the US claimed the people not yet fit to self govern.

The Cold war did not put Racist Plutocrats in charge in the USA. They were always running the place. Putin and the current crew in Russia figured “if it works there it can work here”. The author is putting the Cart in front of the horse.


The free masons have been the head of the cabal since it’s beginnings.