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 The United States May Be Guilty of War Crimes in Yemen


 The United States May Be Guilty of War Crimes in Yemen

Michael T. Klare

human-rights catastrophe is now unfolding in Yemen—a catastrophe aided and abetted by the US government. Much angst and outrage has justifiably been expressed over the slaughter in Syria and Iraq, but very little about the daily bombing in Yemen, where thousands have perished since Saudi Arabia and its allies began an air campaign a year and a half ago.


Excellent article that highlights typical US incongruous position on the application of international law. Why is the US justified in assisting Saudi Arabia, which in turn is allegedly assisting the government of Yemen (Hadi) fight Houthi rebels, but Russia is wrong to assist the legitimate government of Syria (Assad) in its fight against Islamist rebels?

Memo to Syria: next time contribute to the Clinton Foundation!


Are we to believe that despite the fact that Saudis did 9/11, their beheading government is our friend and ally against Yemen? Why aren't Bush, Cheney, Obama and the neocons in jail for treason and giving aid to the enemy?


May be guilty of war crimes? Maybe?

Of course they are, just as they are guilty of war crimes in Syria, Libya, Nicaragua, El Salvador,
on the list goes on for at least 50 countries in the world (see Bill Blum and Andre Vltchek) The US is simply a global mafioso that should be imprisoned for life.
If we are ever to achieve a peaceful world, the US must be crushed, like Germany.