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The United States of Monsanto?


The United States of Monsanto?

Wenonah Hauter

This week thousands of Americans took time out of their busy days to call their Senators to demand that they vote against the DARK Act, a bill sponsored by Kansas Senator Pat Roberts, which would prevent consumers from knowing if the food they eat and feed their families contains genetically engineered (GMO) ingredients.


The particulars of the GMO Project are breathtakingly odious. To fully understand them, though, it’s necessary to see them in context, as Ms. Hauter points out:

…yet another symptom of a democracy hijacked by corporate interests.


A random sampling of “health” in America today:

  1. I personally know 11 people (in my circle of friends/family) who died WAY before reaching age 65. I think this is a statistical improbability given that the so-called average age of death is 77-78.

  2. High incidences of early onset Diabetes in millions of children

  3. High incidences of all sorts of Cancers in children. (This used to be very rare and now it’s common).

  4. High instances of allergies in children.

  5. High instances of Attention deficit and other neurological/behavior problems in kids.

  6. High instances of Autism–extreme changes in these numbers in recent years

The combination of Monsanto’s genetically adulterated corn syrup poured into SO many grocery items, residue of pesticide/insecticide/herbicide, industrial toxins in the air and soil, added to likely nuclear detritus from Fukushima and past nuclear bomb tests are ALL part of the problem. These are insults to basic biology and breaking minds and bodies down!

As I have long argued, in this community of trespass, it grows quite difficult to pinpoint ONE culprit. Therefore, the vast array of polluters and poisoners of the elements (air, soil, water) provide cover for one another and enable the continuity of inordinately harmful practices.

Apart from cloning Erin Brockovitch, the burden of proof for NOT doing harm should go to entities like Monsanto.

Recently in the news as Europe sought to block Monsanto’s products from their markets, this company came up with “its own study” intended to challenge the results of those scientists who don’t have compromised interests.

Monsanto plays dirty ALL the time.

The fight over labeling is like the first front in a war for the human right to NOT be poisoned.

Apart from labeling, the real concern is that these bastards have been given the latitude they have to taint the foods that millions of persons eat.

This company should be brought before The Hague. Apart from Agent Orange war crimes, this company is the direct cause behind thousands of farmers in India committing suicide annually.


The other day I was just watching something somewhere that was video of a multitude of rock concerts in the 60s and 70s coupled with student protests.

What struck me was how “skinny” all the attendees seemed to be. In the crowds there were very few people that were obese and while there certainly was such, they stuck out like a sore thumb.

In the comments section a bunch of people made the same observations.

I went looking for a chart and those that were obese or severely obese was flatlined until around 1985 . After that there an increase so that by 1995 that number had increased by 200 percent.

By 2005 the increase in the same over 1985 was close to 1000 percent.


Denaturing democracy


There are mental, emotional, and physical consequences for being vastly overweight and I think it’s the worst for children and adolescents. Kids can be very cruel when it comes to teasing other kids.

When it comes to the gargantuan rise in obesity rates, the sedentary lifestyle is a factor as is junk/fast food. But more than that, it’s the corn syrup poured into virtually everything.

I used to like Chinese food but now, knowing that it’s cooked in Monsanto’s corn oil, I won’t go near it.

Many baked goods contain these aberrant products, and even things that normally don’t demand any sweetener.

I wrote a movie script entitled, “Fat Chance” that brings this matter forward through comedy in a sensitive way. I pitched it to an agent a few weeks ago and he didn’t resonate with it. Hollywood mostly wants murder, rape, war, and some form of violence or vengeance.

The film version of the script could have helped people.

Only the fool (funny person) can speak freely about the state of the kingdom. And often people can face hard truths through laughter that they’d otherwise keep buried.

P.S. One of my cousins was studying fashion at an institute in N.Y. and she told me that due to the fact that so many Americans were now so overweight, that dress sizes had altered.

I have dresses that are size 4, 6, 8, and 10 and ALL fit. The size 4 is probably more recent and the size 8 or 10, probably more true to the past.


Yes, I’d noticed this as well. Look at films from the 1970s and you’ll notice that there are really no more stars today who look like, for example, Lee Marvin or Steve McQueen: lean healthy men. This body type was the norm.

Growth hormones, high-fructose corn syrup, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, PCBs, dioxins, glyphosate, DDT, phthalates, BPA, xenoestrogens - all conspire to cause metabolic problems: poor liver function, fat buildup, thyroid problems, slow metabolism, endocrine diseases. Add to all of this an escalation of stress and increasingly sedentary lifestyles, and you have a perfect storm of assaults on the body.

Americans are by now a very physically sickly people, poisoned by generations of uncontrolled industrial experiments. And it’s nearly impossible to insulate yourself. People trying desperately to eat healthy turn to fads like eating kale and end up poisoning themselves with heavy metals which are becoming ubiquitous in the agricultural environment.


Think its bad now? Just wait till the TPP Trojan Horse deal is inked, unless people also stand-up and scream NO to that rip-off! Monsatan and all the other corporate pirates will be in litigious heaven suing for imaginary profits they are being denied!