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The United States of TTIP: A Big Business Constitution for Europe


The United States of TTIP: A Big Business Constitution for Europe

Nick Dearden

The US-EU trade agreement, known as TTIP, is not just another free trade deal. It is a charter for big business, forcing lawmakers to uphold the so-called ‘rights’ of investors above every other consideration – human rights, environmental protection, democratic accountability. It is a constitution for the free movement of capital.


I am also watching carefully as the euro is falling rapidly toward parity with the dollar for hints that the two should be merged. I don’t expect any action in the near future, but TPTB may want to plant the seed at this opportunity. The merger could easily take place without parity, but it would be a harder sell to both sides.


Plus the ISDS element of TTIP effectively gives corporations the right to be compensated for detriment incurred by laws made by democratically elected governments, thereby rendering the will of the people meaningless.

Nightmarish corporate dystopia here we come!


**There is a disturbing common thread that connects the KXL Pipeline controversy, the secretly negotiated TPP agreement, and the GOP’s invitation for Netanyahu to by-pass the executive branch of our government to address Congress. In each case a branch of our government or political party has ceded our nation’s sovereignty to a foreign power.
The KXL Pipeline allows a foreign corporation to declare eminent domain rights over private property owned by American citizens. The TPP agreement by-passes our constitutionally authorized legislative process and nullifies our nation’s judiciary. Netanyahu’s speech to Congress cedes our foreign policy decisions to the leader of another country.
Many of our politicians seem determined to barter away everything that makes us a sovereign nation.


What you’re seeing is The New World Order, a/k/a rule of, for, and by the global corporations.

Consider how these same entities have jury-rigged the tax system to allot themselves a free pass.

Check THIS out:


Spare us the arcane anacronym. What is TPTB?


The Powers That Be