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The Unknown Whistleblower


The Unknown Whistleblower

Barbara Myers

The witness reported men being hung by the feet or the thumbs, waterboarded, given electric shocks to the genitals, and suffering from extended solitary confinement in what he said were indescribably inhumane conditions. It’s the sort of description that might have come right out of the executive summary of the Senate torture report released last December.


“The acts Russo described became commonplace in the news post-9/11 and he would prove to be an early example of what also became commonplace in our century: a whistleblower who found himself on the wrong side of the law and so was prosecuted for releasing the secret truth about the acts of our government.”

Note the clear and accurate verbiage used by Ms. Myers… “the secret truth about the acts of our government.”

Quite a few posters who conveniently have all day on their hands (suggestive of them being stationed here to shape, direct, and manage opinions) push a very different meme, and they do it ALL the time. It’s the idea that what the Deep State, CIA, and a government-MIC no longer transparent to The People (and using lots of legal and covert muscle to silence any who dare to expose Truths that these entities do not want known) is the same thing AS “The People.”

Thus frames like “We killed ______ Iraqis today,” or “We droned _________ in Afghanistan,” etc.

The GENERIC frame takes what is done on the part of DARK POWERS no longer answerable to The People and alleges that it is The People who have done these acts.

This is a dangerous form of propaganda, and it’s a derivative of the media’s tendency to look for dirt on the kid gunned down in order to justify police brutality; or look for the female’s prior “sexual history” in order to play down the college rape, etc.

It is a narrative that protects trespassers by deflecting their dark deeds onto others: often, their targets.


“What makes the Vietcong tick?”

Funny that that question had had to be asked so expensively, given the sentiments that led to the American War of Independence, and to countless guerrilla wars since against an occupying power.

Why is the USA’s administration so stupid?

Torture was also practised by the French in the years between 1945 and 1954, and no doubt earlier.

Vietcong is not perjorative. It derives from the Vietnamese “Viet Cong”.“Cong” and “Charlie” are the perjoratives.


CIA = Criminals In Authority, always been that way and always will be. Only the terminally stupid believe otherwise. Like all rogue 3 letter agencies their Creator’s were either criminals or traitors or both.


A great view of A Russo; An exceptional member of the real “we the people”. These days the capitalists have enough people so afraid for their lifestyle, religion, you name it, that atrocities are routine necessary evils. Have we the people regressed as a society or is greed more open and accepted?


I am glad to see the article; sadly, however, what Russo, Ellsberg, Manning, Snowden and others have done is still far from commonplace. The day it is, we will have these monsters defeated because it will no longer be more profitable to continue their psychopathy than to desist.

Meanwhile, thanks to people like Laura Poitras, Julian Assange and the staff at Wikileaks, and Glen Greenwald and The Intercept. It was far, far more difficult to bring these things out years ago, despite the obvious ongoing dangers. Whistleblowers are often the most loyal and conscientious, even zealous employees or soldiers or agents, and the discovery that they cannot retain their comrades and their honor cuts deep, costs them time and grief and confusion, and leads to errors like Manning’s unfortunate slip to a squealer. Then the whistleblower had to wait through the fears and indulgences of largely arrogant and hostile news corporations, all the while knowing that the most dangerous period usually lies between having divulged a secret and receiving enough publicity. This is the period before the official persecution, but also time when the friendly gentleman shows up and makes increasingly pointed remarks about one’s death. This is the point at which many, many stories over many years have been turned away by self-styled news organizations and deterred by sadistic gentleman thugs.