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The Unreality of the Iran-Nuke Fight


The Unreality of the Iran-Nuke Fight

Paul Pillar

An air of unreality pervades much of the debate on the agreement to restrict Iran’s nuclear program. Opponents of the agreement raise issue after issue on which the agreement is clearly superior to the alternative that would exist if the opponents succeed in getting the U.S. Congress to kill the deal, but the opponents keep raising such issues anyway.


And there again goes the ever-porky Dick Armey, for whom a catastrophic Iraq war that kills thousands of people is less important than party loyalty. That's what Dick does, for the country he loves, the corporations he serves, and the guvvamint he hates.


Adelson seems to have one foot in the grave. He wants to take the rest of the world with him in a nuclear holocaust as one jew's revenge, thanks to the suckers that gamble in his casinos.


What's this? A nuanced piece about Iran? And it's written in English too! Shit, I must be dreaming; next we'll get a truthful look at what's going on in Venezuela.

Nah, too much to ask for.


"...The final outcome is likely to come down to the votes of only a few senators or representatives."
* And we know who owns them, don't we.
BDS, BDS, BDS, BDS! Not only Israel, but the US Fourth Reich and its Axis of Evil.
* If the billionaires feel it in their pocketbooks, it might bring them to heel, but the profits of endlessly expanding wars will not!