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The Unsurpassed Power Trip by an Insuperable Control Freak


The Unsurpassed Power Trip by an Insuperable Control Freak

Ralph Nader

An open letter to Jeff Bezos:
June 21, 2018

Jeff Bezos, CEO
Amazon.com, Inc.
410 Terry Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

Dear Mr. Bezos:


Good letter. Now the question is - is Bezos a human or some kind of clone which he looks like? If he is a clone as I suspect he will answer using some computer programmed verbiage and it will not even sound or look like something a human being would communicate.


Thank you Ralph Nader for continuing the fight for the good of the people. You’ve been tireless over the last 50 years and have won many consumer protection cases for we the people.

The lawlessness of the US and the people being elected by these sycophants is taking our souls and crushing them…what’s next? Everyone copy and paste Jeff Bezos address and copy and paste Ralph Nader’s letter into Word, print it and send to Jeff Bozo and ditto what Ralph said.

By the way I did not know what Alexa was, had to google it. what a oxymoron. Probably isn’t in the dictionary.


and then I posted this article on facebook and asked all my contacts to do the same.


I copied and pasted Bozo address and Ralph’s letter and posted this article on facebook and asked everyone to do the same and send Bozo a letter. Keep it going. I only signed my first name with a note that I was sacred of people like him who thinks he is god almighty and can do whatever he wants to whomever and justifies it by lying to himself that they are the worthy ones and some even say God spoke to them.


So just don’t buy from Amazon, Starbucks, Whole Foods, etc. I’ll bet Jeff will find his ‘come to Jesus’ moment.


Thank you, Ralph.
Ralph Nader–the man NOT responsible for the presidency stolen from feckless Gore in 2000.
Ralph Nader–the man responsible for starting the consumer protection movement that saved thousands of lives.
Ralph Nader–an even more progressive presidential candidate than Bernie Sanders.
Put up a Sanders-Nader ticket in 2020 and take back this country!


But, but, Bezos opposed Trump in the 2016 election!
He used his massive resources on the side of the angels!
You can’t be mad at him since he opposed Hitler, can you?


Nader has been a tireless advocate on the right side of many issues for a very long time. His record is consistent. (I personally liked the later-model Corvair, but whatever) He’s the kind of plain-spoken champion of the public good we sorely need, but can never manage to elect. Too bad for America, which has thoroughly lost its way.


What Jeff Bezos is doing is simply the expression of the logic of capitalism. He, like most others in his situation (and unlike a few others) shows little ability to exercise the authority of humanity and morality to control capital. However it is fundamentally not Jeff Bezos, but an entire system which is at fault. Until we are prepared to address the fact that our global society allows wealth to expropriate for itself the productivity of labor, we cannot expect people like Jeff Bezos to alter what they are doing.


Yeah, the Corvair had exactly the same suspension as the very popular Volkswagen cars and vans of the time. But I agree about your “whatever” Ralph has worked so tirelessly for good that that little mistake is insignificant. And his frugal life in spite of his fame (Ralph has never owned a car himself) is a model for us all.


LOL Didjah hear that?

The heads of ten million DINOs just exploded!


I hope Bezos reads Nader’s excellent letter. Another whole topic of conversation is whether any individual should ever be permitted to amass the unfathomable amounts of money Bezos has, regardless of “merit” or anything else. I think we need to reinstate a lot of the tax policies we had during the Eisenhower Administration in order to start restoring some sanity to the system. We also need to institute new taxes, like a transactions tax on Wall Street and FICA-like taxes on capital gains over some annual amount. We also need to revitalize the federal estate tax, which the Republicans have for so many years treated like a front in their class war in favor of the rich.


Easier said than done. The system has become so all pervasive that it’s almost impossible to live a normal life and not be compromised and complicit in many ways.